That summer.

Niki heads up to the same old summer home every year to meet up with her mums friends and their children, but this summer she doesnt want to be the awkward girl they all knew, she has grown up and is determind to show them all she has.


1. The car ride.

I stared out the window, the rain sliding down from the car roof. I made this journey every summer, and I loved it. My mum sang along with the music from the radio. To be honest she wasn’t a good singer, but I didn’t care.


I looked at my brother who was fast asleep next to me and laughed; he was two years older than me and still fell asleep in a car ride. Then my gaze fixed on my sister, she was a year older than my brother, her hair was in a short pixie cut and was spiked out all over, it was blonde and had pink streaks in it, well it was more her style. She was listening to her music trying to block out our mums singing.  I played with my long blond curls, all natural. (By the way I'm 15.)


I could tell my mum was excited; we were travelling up to a lodge we went to every year. Her two best friends were going as well: same as every year, and they were taking their kids.


Michelle had a son a year older than my sister, last year he and she hit it off and well, it was a touchy subject for my sister so no one really knows what happened. she also has a 25 year old son who lives in Florida but we dont get to see him much, but we hear he is very successful.


Laura had two sons and a daughter. They were nice one was my age and the other was a year older, don’t tell anyone but I kinda had a crush on them both. Her daughter is three years younger than me and was quite annoying in a nice sorta way.


We were getting closer and closer until the little town was in sight, since we came here every year I had friends in this town, but last year I left on bad terms with Elsa.


She was my best friend in this town and we had a falling out and really hadn’t made up before I left. I hoped she was alright now she heard some stuff from one of the girls in the town, the typical girl who thought

‘You don’t belong here so don’t try and make friends with our people.’ That type of girl.


She told her that I was saying nasty stuff and I tried to convince Elsa otherwise but it just so happened that the popular girl who told her was her sister. She never liked me since I first came here and talked to Elsa.


The clouds cleared, the rain stopped and we drove into the town. I saw familiar faces everywhere. There was Mark the Ice cream guy, Lilly the accessory shop girl, Luke the Pizza dude and so many more. They all waved realising who it was.

We drove through the town, filled with shops and faces filled with delight. It was a small town but everyone was cheery no matter what the weather. That’s what I loved about this town, they didn’t judge people, well most of them didn’t and that’s why I loved coming here every year.


We rounded some trees and up a driveway where I saw two cars sitting, people flooding in and out of the house, getting suitcases and bags into their rooms. My mum beeped the horn twice and leaned out the window screaming. Two brown haired women stood screaming waving their arms in the air, their children looking ashamed even though there was no one important there to see them.


The car came to a halt and my mum jumped out the car jumping in a circle with her friends, they were so childish, now I knew where I got it from.


I went to open the door but a tall blonde haired boy beat me to it, I wouldn’t have recognised him if it wasn’t for his hazel eyes with blue rims. “Welcome home Niki!” He chimed. “It’s great to be back, Beck.”



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