That summer.

Niki heads up to the same old summer home every year to meet up with her mums friends and their children, but this summer she doesnt want to be the awkward girl they all knew, she has grown up and is determind to show them all she has.


2. Seriously?


Beck helped me out of the car and twirled me around in his arms. “How’s my little Nik?” Beck was the one I hanged around with a lot when we came here, but he’s changed, how can a 15 year old change so much? He was more built up, and looked older; it made him even more attractive. “I’m good. How’s Bee?” He laughed. “Do you need to call me that?” I nodded. “Well I’m fine.”


He set me on the ground and looked me up and down. “You have changed so much.” He laughed. “I could say the same to you.” I giggled. He went to the boot and got my case. “I can do that.” I went to grab it and he held it behind him out of my reach. “Beck I am perfectly capable of carrying my own luggage.” He shook a finger at me and then ran off into the house with my case. He never changes, I jogged after him.


We explored the house again, choosing our rooms. Beck set my bag outside the room I usually have. “Thank you. Who’s in the room next door this year?” He chuckled. “Me.” I grinned loving that he would be right next door. “So you got the short straw, having a room next to me.”

“Think it will be alright.” He shrugged. “As long as you don’t sneak in and bite me we should have a perfect bedroom next door relationship.” He joked. “Well better keep your door locked, I do have a bat habit of biting.” He laughed. “I’m sure I’m safe.” I raised an eyebrow. “Or are you?”

“You watch way too many movies.” He opened my door and threw the case in. “Well, I do like movies.” He nodded. “I know.” He looked around. “Wait here.” He walked down the hall. “No I think I will go off into the forest and get eaten by bears.” I called. “There aren’t bears here. Some wild cats though, cougars that type of thing.” Beck was the animal fact guy, he knew it all.


I stayed put, looking down the hall waiting for him to appear; when he did he carried a handful of little boxes. “Here.” He handed them to me. “Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, All the boys love Mandy lane, Jeepers creepers and Casper the friendly Ghost? Seriously?” I looked at him. “Hey you are never too old for Casper, don’t dis.” He pointed a finger at me. “Thanks.”

“They’re classics.” I smiled. “Yeah they are, I mean, I don’t even know if you can buy Dracula or Frankenstein in shops anymore.” He shook his head. “I got Dracula from the old movie store and Frankenstein online.”

“Thanks we can have a movie night.” He shook his head, I’m sure he wouldn’t like sitting with me a whole night watching movies. “On one condition.” He smirked. “What?”

“I buy the popcorn.” I giggled and nodded my head. 

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