Destiny's Island

this is for one of the picture competitions. I hope everyone enjoys it !
Manannan mac Lir is a sea god in Irish mythology. He is often seen as a guider of souls to the afterlife. His role is not to judge but simply provide a safe passage. He also features in my book ;)

tiny update: yeah, the competition deadline's gone, but hey, it's not over till it's over!


2. Natalia's Island


Natalia swam across to her father, her back tingling with adrenaline. She hated lying to her father. She just knew that one day, she would get caught.

“Daddy, I’m going up to the surface”

“Again? There’s nothing up there for you.” Her father said in a stern voice that echoed through the place. That’s the kind of person her father was; full of authority and power, a good king. You couldn’t make a fool out of him. Except Natalia. Natalia could. And Natalia did. Repeatedly.  

“But Daddy, It’s beautiful up there.” Natalia thought of excuses.

“This is you home. Here. What’s not beautiful about it? Don’t you realise you live in the most beautiful palace in all of the ocean?” Her dad replied.

It isn’t Natalia thought. He didn’t know that. He didn’t see every single palace in the ocean then decided his was the best. He didn’t, did he?  Natalia could feel her skin getting slightly warm. She was getting angry as she often did with her dad.  She had to let it go. For Kai. She searched her brain for a good come back. Ok, it’s time to dive into the deep end.

“I’m sorry Daddy. Our house is beautiful. It’s just that... I’ve been getting quite worried about tonight. The ceremony... what if it’s me? I.. don’t want to leave you.”

“Don’t worry daughter, Manannan himself will choose the right one. If it should be you- I’m ready to let you go. And I know you are too.”

“But what if Manannan isn’t pleased with me?” she said, trying to look worried. It wasn’t hard with the upcoming ceremony.

“He’ll know where you’re going. I know you, my daughter. You are good. And fair. And strong.”

And a liar, and a traitor, and basically everything Manannan would hate, Natalia thought. Even saying his name brought shivers to her back. She couldn’t wait until the ceremony was over. Never mind, she’ll talk to Kai about it. Speaking of which he would have been waiting for her by now!

“I know daddy, but at the surface... I just feel closer to him, you know?  It prepares me for meeting him. Up at the surface I can face my fears. I’m sure you’ll understand daddy. You understand me so well.”

“If it will help you then I shouldn’t stop you. Go.” A Wide smile flashed across Natalia’s face.

“Thank you daddy!” she said as she swam off, her long purple tail swishing as fast as it would let her. She loved her tail, it wasn’t blue or green or turquoise like most of the other mermaids. Her dad said it was a sign of royalty. The further she got to the surface, the more it glistened. She gained speed, feeling every sole particle of the ocean. She loved it. She stuck out her arms to feel more of the force, even though it slowed her down.  She smiled as she let herself enter into her world. Hers and Kai’s world that is.


“Hello beautiful”  Natalia heard the voice she longed to hear all day. 

“Kai...” she whispered as he felt a hand rise up from the water and touch her back .

“Natalia!” Kai shouted as he sprung out of the water, his green tail flickering through the sky in somersaults. Soon Natalia joined him, and the pair danced across the waves, flying through each other’s arms and entwining their tails together. They soon reached the island. The slid on a rock. This was their special rock. They agreed that this was the rock where they would always go. Everyday. One would wait for the other for as long as it takes. Normally Kai was the one who waited, seeing as Natalia was the close guarded, looked-after princess.   Natalia rested her head on Kai’s chest. Her long brown curls brushed along his neck. He took one of the limp , wet locks and brushed it along her face, laughing to himself. Natalia smiled as she took another lock of her hair ad brushed it along his chin.

“Let’s see how you like it.” She said jokingly. He laughed as he reached out for Natalia’s face.

“I wish my mother could see you.” he said quietly.

“I wish my father could see you” she whispered as she put her arms around him.

“They wouldn’t understand.”Kai looked to the sea. “They treat everyone so... seriously.  Like love is something you shouldn’t talk about, or see, or practise. But who cares about them anyway?”

“I do.” Natalia sighed. “I can’t keep lying to my dad. I’ll run out of excuses soon. And anyway, that’s the least of our worries. My Dad is will be wanting me married soon.”

Kai smiled.

“Then marry me!”He jumped off into the water splashing his tail about. Natalia couldn’t help but smile.

“You know he’ll want me married to some stupid prince, don’t you? He’ll never accept you.”

“He doesn’t have to.” Kai said swimming up to Natalia. She slid off the rock into the water to face him.

“It’s time we take responsibility of who we are.” Kai said slowly and seriously. “You can choose. You can marry a stuck up prince. I will follow you wherever you might go and meet up with you every sunset as we always do- if you’ll still want me. Or, you can marry me. I know, it seems like a world away, but we’re nearly adults. You can’t have your father run your life forever. If you marry me, you’ll be free. You know that it makes sense. Being with the one you love the most. And you know that we have something none of the others have.  Sometimes it even scares me a little. I don’t know what to do with you. I love you so much. I want you to be there every single part of my day. The dawns, the twilights, not just the sunsets. I know you feel the same too. And I know no one in the whole universe feels what we do, and won’t understand. But if we stay together we would be more powerful than the universe itself. So what do you say?”

Natalia smiled as she brushed Kai’s hair out of his face. “Are you asking me to marry you?”

“Well I had to sooner or later.” He smiled.

“Yes. Of course.”Natalia laughed.

“Really?!” Kai’s eyes almost popped.

“Yeah!”  Natalia shrieked as Kai lifted her out of the sea and spun her in a manic whirl and brought her close to him. Natalia could feel Kai's heat spread through her body. He leant in closer, feeling Natalia's lips with his. But something was different. He felt a stronger desire towards her than usually. He felt his whole body overheat and the only way of staying cool was to share it with Natalia who in turn was generating her own heat. He felt his body come alive in her hands, as he filled her mouth with endless kisses. he moved his hands along her long tail, which swiveled and twisted i the water.

"You see? We are different from all the rest." He mumbled as he let Natalia drag them both further and further into the deep blue sea.


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