Destiny's Island

this is for one of the picture competitions. I hope everyone enjoys it !
Manannan mac Lir is a sea god in Irish mythology. He is often seen as a guider of souls to the afterlife. His role is not to judge but simply provide a safe passage. He also features in my book ;)

tiny update: yeah, the competition deadline's gone, but hey, it's not over till it's over!


4. Manannan's Island

Manannan stood on the highest cliff of the island and watched as slowly, the sky turned from pink to black, and the mermaids and mermen clambered across the island. Stubborn as always, they crawled through the dirt in their fancy dresses and cloaks, dripping wet with water. Instead of wearing something light that would dry off quickly they wore the heaviest clothing possible to find. This of course  meant that the crawl up the mountain was harder, and because their clothes remained wet, they remained wet and therefore didn't turn into humans for a long period of time. The men dried off first, and continued their journey up to the top of the island on feet, where they waited- as tradition appointed- for the women. The transition of merman to man always amused Manannan. The inexperienced mermaids that just turned into girls, falling over or tripping on their gowns, the men tumbling over rocks. He smiled as the first few mermen stumbled around with shaky legs, grabbing onto each other.They looked like marionettes, their limbs unusually flexible and unstable. Only two creatures on this island remained unmoved. Him and Mary. She looked through the bright windows of her light house as she always did, close enough to see everything, far away enough to remain unnoticed by the mermaids and mermen. He waved at her. She waved back. There was something Manannan felt towards her. Empathy. He too knew how it felt to be lonely. Yet, he saw that Mary had never been troubled by loneliness. She had a home. This island. Manannan didn't. He roamed across the earth, only ever returning to the rest of the gods  if it was necessary; he wasn't comfortable with them.  He was only ever comfortable with his horse-  Adrian. He made the roaming and wondering worth it. He looked at him, down at the foot of the island, standing calmly, tied to Mary's fence. Manannan and Mary never made much conversation. She'll offer him a hot meal, and watch him eat it. As patronising as it once been Manannan grew to like it, even look forward to it. Mary had a steady, strong, and very very calm character, so underestimated by people. He looked at her now. She looked timeless. The years had passed quickly for her, but she was still the same Mary she was many years ago. She was looking down at the  crowds of mermaids crawling up, and the men, most now walking. He too looked at the comical sight. But something made  him hold back his mocking smile. A young girl cried out in agony as she slipped on a steeper part of the hill and rip the best parts of her creamy dress. He also spotted a man, still tripping up and unable to position his feet in a way that might make the rest of his body keep uptight. The man spotted the girl, and suddenly he straightened up and stuck his chest out proudly. He somehow managed to run over to her and examine the damage. He held her and whispered something in her ear. He kissed her cheek and gently stroked the wound on her leg. The girl clung onto him as she let tears fall on her face and his shirt. He kissed her forehead and looked out at the sea. Decisively, he scooped the girl up along with her dress and walked up the hill. Manannan felt something deep inside him. In his heart? No, it couldn't be. He turned away to the cold sea and wished the girl the best of luck tonight. 

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