Secret Heritage

Beautiful, unparalleled , deadly 'creatures' are ruled By the unbreakable Loratalia and have done so since the start of time. Loratalia was strong, but one small mistake on an April morning, for just one moment, for the tiniest weeniest fraction of a second, she let her guard down.
Loratalia fell in love.
Now she has a secret, a secret so scary and dangerous, so poisonous and destructive, it threatens to crumble the entire structure and beauty of her society. When the secret is let loose, others will stop at nothing to tear it apart...

Ilse is an exceptionally talented, lonely seventeen year old girl. She lives with her horrible uncle and step aunt and two unpleasant cousins. However, one February morning her world caves in and suddenly, she finds herself questioning her very existence.
When two worlds collide, Ilse will have to decide what is real and what is an illusion.


4. Cathedrals in the dark


“My Queen.” The voice rung out through the large ornate cathedral hall. Taila didn’t turn around; she would know the voice anywhere.

“Trurn. Have you news for me?” Taila’s breath steamed up the window that she was stood in front of, distorting her reflection slightly, but she could still see how taunt her face had become, how her luminous skin was pulled tight across her fine cheek bones and her fiery eyes were sunk low in their sockets. Her lips were thin, her jaw determined. She looked like a force to be reckoned with in her battle gear. Her entire court had taken to wearing it night and day, knowing that an attack at any time was entirely possible. Her long white hair was gathered in an unmoving bundle on the back of her head, held there by glistening black crystal daggers and solid gold knives and her body was completely covered from the start of her neck to her feet in a skin tight, tough but flexible material that resembled scales on a snake. When the material caught the light, it reflected back glossy greens and startling blacks and reds and the edges of each scale glistened silver. The only break in the armour was at her wrists where a blue white light shone in a horizontal line across each wrist; Trurn stared at the light, it illuminated the sides of her body, making her look angelic and angular, as if she might spring into action at any moment, presently however, she stood completely still, her heavy boots planted firmly, the wicked translucent blade that glowed like moonlight on her back was so still it could have been a statue.

“They have breached the castle walls. They will find the temple. They will use it.” Trurn’s voice echoed around the stone room and the wind whistled through the arches, ruffling his hair.

The wind did not ruffle the queen.

She turned to face him in a way that was almost dancing, her long limbs moving around her body like smoke at night. The cathedral was dark, the worn walls blackened with age and weather, but the room seemed alive with the blue fire that had started to circle Taila and her eyes, those creature eyes that held promises of freedom, bored into him as he stared. They were like fire, as every creature’s was, but her fire roared like an animal, the flames were wild, like wolves and power and the ocean.

“And we will be ready.” 

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