The Tale Retold:the Little Mermaid

A story i wrote of the Little Mermaid hope you like it.


1. Prologue



I ran in the sand. My footsteps glowed in the send. Why did my 6 older sisters Alana,Adella,Aquato,Andrina,Arista,Attina hate me. Were the jealous of me as I was the youngest and that father loved me? I turned to see my sister right beside me I flipped my tail urging to go faster but it was no use. My little green tail was no match to their colourful tails. I turned around and screamed.

"Help me someone anyone” I screamed. That’s when I saw her Ursula. I knew she was the only one who could save me.

"I told you Ariel do you want to have legs so you can fall in love” Ursula asked me. I nodded my hand. She waved her wand and I collapsed waking in the sand. I turned around and stood up shocked to see I had legs. I touched them and rubbed them. I ran and started laughing, I had legs I could be free.

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