Perdidit Memoria

Perdidit Memoria - Lost Memory


1. Perdidit Memoria

Perdidit Memoria

Sitting there in the chair

Looking pale and thin

She doesn’t know who I am

Memories all in the bin


She talks to me

But doesn’t look in my eyes

As though she cannot see

As though she’s saying her goodbye


They say if you love it enough

And you let it go

That if it comes back It’s yours to own


But life doesn’t work like that

It keeps on throwing stones

To make your walls crumble

And make you feel alone


You know things she’s forgotten

You tell her time and time again

But nothing can change how much you love her

Or the problems life brings


Just know that we're together

We’ll always be strong

We are like a brick building

A hundred walls thick

We’ll live every second

And make the most of it.


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