After a disastrous plane crash, Emily Hope finds herself stuck on an island in the middle of nowhere. When Emily meets Joseph, she feels an instant connection. If she is to get off this island alive, could Joseph be the one?

***My Island picture competition entry***


1. Lost

My head is all over the place.

Why I am surrounded by water?

I need to find land. My head is buzzing and it is clear that I have an injury, but my head is too messed up and the water is so cold to feel the pain.


I plunge deep into the salty clear water and rise back up to the surface. It's starting to become a little clearer now. Dull grey skies loom above me as I splash around, scanning the horizon for any sign of land. No luck. I cannot give up. Desperation forces me to turn around. Behind me, I can see a rocky beach and a forest behind.


Ignoring the fact that I look completely crazy, splashing around as much as I can, I slowly begin to move towards the awaiting island.

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