After a disastrous plane crash, Emily Hope finds herself stuck on an island in the middle of nowhere. When Emily meets Joseph, she feels an instant connection. If she is to get off this island alive, could Joseph be the one?

***My Island picture competition entry***


3. Found, but still lost.

I am swimming in the sparkling ocean. Mum calls "Why are you swimming away?" But before I know it the currents pull me into the dark depths of the other, never to be discovered again. I call for help, the all you can hear is burbling as disgustingly salty water fills up my mouth and takes control of my life.


When I finally wake up with a start, I notice I am completely surrounded by trees of all sizes and colours. At first, I think I am in my own version of Heaven, until Joseph's face comes into vision.

"About time." He grins, making me blush again.

My hand automatically reaches to my forehead, where I suprisingly find the softness of what could only be cotton.

"A bandage?"

In answer, Joseph points to a pile of goods, not many, but at least it's enough for a few days. Among the cluttered pile, stands a red box, flung open, to reveal bandages and plasters. There is also a pair of scissors which seem to gleam mischieviously in the little sunlight we are receiving under the thick, green canopy.

I stand up, probably too quickly as the darkness threatens to take over again, but I steady myself and slowly, as to not cause any more damage to myself, begin to straighten up. I wildly look around, only to see more trees. "I'm going onto the beach." I say.


When I burst out of the wilderness and onto the sand, all I can see is rocks, rocks, rocks and some kind of bird screeching ahead, clearly not happy at the suddenness of my clumsy arrival.

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