I used terrible and amazing in same sentence

A really memorable night with friends


1. Night out


I used terrible and amazing in same sentence


 Jai guru dev. It is the summers of 2012 . I am in northern plains of India. Everybody is busy in struggles of their lives , but here is a bunch of besties which is busy making some plan to enjoy the evening.

Oh nothing is working , but I have an intuition that we will be wondering in hills tonight. Finally we decided to go to pizza hut and have our dinner. We went there ordered pizzas. Pizzas were good but being there with the besties was awesome. It was amazing time there free for all obligations librated from any fears. Lalla was there to entertain us with his typical expressions.

Why were we source of attraction for all others sitting there? Why every is watching us instead enjoying their pizza? May be they are watching us because happiness attracts everyone and life is living here. But now it is the time to pay the bill. Everyone looked at each other and it was certain that we are not having much of money. As the plan was random no one had the chance to pick money. But it was also an experience, taking out each 10 rs note and from all nooks and corners of our pockets. Finally we paid it.

Oh yes we are enjoying. Are we insane ? answer should be yes.

Its midnight now but no one wants to go to home. and the intuitive thought that I earlier had become a reality. Finally we are going to hills.

We somehow managed to find required money for filling up fuel . And we are away now.........

A relief for the torturing heat of plains. The wind is cooler, lighter and without any without any contamination i.e no pollution and more importantly without feelings fear, jealousy and hatred .  That’s why they say it 'Pure'

We sat on a road side me and Babba playing with pebbles with all the innocence of a child. The pebbles are dear to us as toys are dear to children. Rest are discussing something. Where to go? what to do now ? But we are busy and dont want any distraction . Neither do we paid any attention on them nor do they on us.

Finally we are going to sit near a tunnel on railway track.

This track is recently included in Indian Heritage, and rightly so.

It is dark and little scary.  But this thing is igniting a spark in us to enjoy the calmness. Soaked in LOVE we are celebrating silence there. Very tiny droplets of water are falling on us. The first time when fell on me I got scared because it is clear sky not even a single trace of cloud there. But then I realized that it is coming from the stupid tree.

We started telling ghost stories.  We were reveled in the supernatural experiences of each other. I was gazing a bright light on the other end of tunnel. Suddenly a friend of mine shook and said, “That light was not there when we came”.

The ambiance of that place was such, that I thought that there was no one around me. And the abrupt touch of someone   at that time frightened me like hell. Within a shake I was in the real world, yes I am now relieved.

We again moved on from that place. We are going higher on hills. One could administer a thousand times more stars in the clear sky then what we see in our cities. Are they beautiful? Huh …… They are alluring, dazzling, charming and admirable. Only one question arises in my mind, how we can go away from this natural beauty and live in bogus, ersatz and fake world where big lifeless stones are compiled to form cities.

Another twist. It is 3.30am. We are in a lonely place or should I say in the lap of Mother Nature and what we see a car of traffic police sanding on a turn from where two cars can’t cross each other. And one of us is not wearing helmet. They fined us. And remember we are out of money. Everything that we had, we filled fuel on the start of journey. But still we somehow managed to pay the fine and went ahead.

 Finally we are at the hill station where we wanted to. It’s a lovely morning. We parked our vehicles and start walking. Although it is dark but one can sense the freshness of the morning. They say every place has its aura and aura of this place is delightful. There is positivity all around. Something very beautiful is attracting you. The energy of this place is high. Even on the cost of annoying you I can’t resist myself using a jargon- the ‘Satwa’ of the place was very high. Meditating there was effortless. Some of us meditated there. When I closed my eyes it was dark and when opened them the sun was mild with dull rays of red color.

In that meditative state we are returning back. Driving bike downhill in neutral without fuel for so many miles was another experience.

My eyes are drooping now, we are sleepy. A truck almost hit us because of our rash driving. But now we drove our way safely to our city. I stopped my bike and the first word I uttered was “It was tribally amazing”.




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