When it rained love

He is Manmay (me). An engineering student, bored as hell, seeking redemption through facebook; meeting new people, making new friends was his idea. She is Neha. Also an engineering student; talented, beautiful, good at everything, everyone's dream girlfriend material. Manmay's redemption takes her to Neha. They both meet on facebook and off they go. They become very good friends, best friends infact, and always look forward to talking with each other.

In the summer of 2012, Manmay plans to join CAD classes. His branch in Engineering demanded it. So did Neha's. Manmay asks Neha to join with him for the CAD classes. He is well aware that Neha's in a relationship with Deb, but he doesn't think asking her company would be such a bad idea. Afterall, they are best friends first. Loving Neha, all he got was pain. Besides, now he claims he has fallen out of love, or has he?

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4. That was just a dream!


The sunlight burned on my eyes. I turned around to avoid it. Huh! I woke up hastily. ‘That was just a dream.’ My mind exploded. I had a migraine. My head was hurting like anything. Must be because of last night, I thought.

What a dream that was! More importantly, why did I just have such a dream? I had no idea. Something was different about that day. I felt different. I thought, maybe I as drunk. I smiled and rejected every other thought.

‘Mom, I’m awake; my coffee, please!’ I got out of my bed, brushed my teeth and applied a relief balm for my migraine. Maybe a sip of coffee would help it go away, I thought.

I switched my T.V. on to tune in the morning news. That didn’t last long. I wasn’t much of a news guy; so 5 minutes into it and the T.V. flaunted music.

Much better!’ I said to myself, as I sipped my coffee.


'May be i'm still in love with Neha'


M@NM@Y - - writer at http://lovelifemyguitar.blogspot.in

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