When it rained love

He is Manmay (me). An engineering student, bored as hell, seeking redemption through facebook; meeting new people, making new friends was his idea. She is Neha. Also an engineering student; talented, beautiful, good at everything, everyone's dream girlfriend material. Manmay's redemption takes her to Neha. They both meet on facebook and off they go. They become very good friends, best friends infact, and always look forward to talking with each other.

In the summer of 2012, Manmay plans to join CAD classes. His branch in Engineering demanded it. So did Neha's. Manmay asks Neha to join with him for the CAD classes. He is well aware that Neha's in a relationship with Deb, but he doesn't think asking her company would be such a bad idea. Afterall, they are best friends first. Loving Neha, all he got was pain. Besides, now he claims he has fallen out of love, or has he?

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2. Just another day of my CAD classes.


As usual, I waited for Neha before going inside our classroom. That one time, when she was the one waiting for me, was the first and last for her; and to keep it that way I had to reach 15 minutes well before my class timings. But I didn’t mind waiting for her, as for each day I could see her come through that gate. It was nothing like I had started developing feelings for her again. I had already planned to stick to the non-emotion vampire brat I had promised to be, to Govind.


She wore a white salwar and kameez that day. With her open hair, small little platinum ear-rings, thin lining of mascara (as she preferred it that way), light red lip-gloss and a simple silver chain – the one without much detailing on it – she looked ravishing. I shook my head to divert it from the detailing it had just managed to notice.


Meanwhile, she walked up to me and noticed me shaking my head.

“Why are you shaking your head?” she probed, in a voice which I believed had hypnotizing abilities. 

What’s gotten into me today?’ I asked myself, but there wasn’t any reply.

“Umm... nothing…” I said in haste. “You look gorgeous.”  My tongue just slipped. Damn!

“Thank you. Let’s go in.” she smiled, blushing at my encomium.


That was easy. Now, seriously, what has really gotten into me today?’ I asked myself again just to be answered with silence.


We took our seats at the 3rd bench of the first column of our classroom. It had become our regular seat over the days, and everyone knew that. The class went on like usual, with Prashant sir teaching us something, asking to work out some problems on our desktops.


Neha would help me with some problems which went over my head at times, and I would do the same when our characters in this case got upturned.


After a 2 hour class, it was time to go. As usual, I would ask Neha if I could offer her lift, and she would agree as she knew I wouldn’t give up anyhow.


As it touched mid-June in the calendar, days had got only hotter. Bhubaneswar recorded highest temperature of all times this year, 46.7 degrees. Evenings were no less than 35 degrees. The only sense of relief the city dwellers had was the arrival of pre-monsoon rain. Yesterday's weather report – according to a news channel – said, ‘It could rain anytime within the next 24 hours.’ 


Fortunately, the weather had eased up a little for us BBSRians that day. It was cloudy that day; maybe it was going to rain. May be the weather reporters should be given an award for predicting with this accuracy.

I had to hurry as I was on road, on my way to drop Neha. After dropping her, I had to return home as well. I didn’t have my rain-coat with me, and the road to Neha’s hostel was the national highway. This meant, if it rained in between there would be no place to that would be a safe haven from the rain. How did I forget bringing that!


“It might rain any second now, it seems. It’s gotten windy.” I said, loud enough for Neha to hear, who was sitting at the back.

“That would be great, right? I love the rain, especially when it’s first rain of the season.”

“I love it too, but if it rains we go got no place to roof ourselves to avoid it. Drenching in it might help us catch a cold.” I said, trying to force the gravity of the situation into her brain.

“Let it be. Just drive. If it rains we will see.” As she said that, she stretched her arms sideways to feel the wind. I smiled observing her in the side mirror of my bike. She was so care-free. I liked her for that. Infact, now that I think of, that might have been the reason I fell in love with her in the first place. But I was not in love with her now; I reminded myself that again and again.


If I didn’t love her, then why the hell did I have to retell myself that same thing again and again?’ I enquired the sleeping devil inside me, my sub-conscious mind; but it chose to turn a deaf ear to my query.


My fear breathed life as 5 minutes into the road – it started raining. Thick droplets of water hit us; those were like needles striking down on us from the sky. It hurt when the droplets started hitting me in my chest. But the rain wasn’t that intense yet, and I thought I could manage with it.


In a matter of seconds, the rain started hitting real hard and heavy. With, like, million droplets hitting me per second, it was impossible to ramble on my bike any further. ‘Why hasn’t she asked me to stop yet?’ I thought. With the pace at which I was riding, the situation was alarming. I looked at Neha. She had her face directed towards the sky, eyes closed, mouth open and hands delayed side-ways. She was enjoying it.


We were all soaked to the skin now, so there was no point stopping anyway. But the rain had started hitting me pretty hard so I had to stop.


“I’m sorry to disturb you princess but I have to stop. The rain’s battering real hard, and it’s impossible to drive for me.” I said.

“Whatever driver; I don’t want a broken piece of my body at the end of the day when you hit some other vehicle.” She tittered.

“Ha! Ha! Trying to be funny, ehh? I’m serious! We have to stop, until the rain slows down a little. But we have no place to roof ourselves. Seems like, we have to stand in the rain.” My face drooped as the idea of getting a flu threatened me.


But as soon as I was done with my talk, her face lit up; as if she wanted to spend more time in the rain. She always mentioned how she loved the rain, getting soaked in it, and how she loved the idea of dancing in the rain.


We were on the highway. I parked my bike on road side. I parked my butt on it, waiting for the rain to cease as soon as possible. I asked her to sit as well. We had no choice but to get wet. She refused and started jumping in the water that drained just by the road. The water came from higher ground. After few seconds of jumping in it, she moved away from it and started to take turning in circles. The scene was one, like, you in the movies where the actress dances in a song set in the rain.


I could see her clothes, soaked wet, had stick to her body. The translucency it offered at some parts made me imagine her figure built perfect. The rain drops hit her face as she turned it up facing the night, raining sky. The drops of water dispersing after hitting her face, and the flash of lightening build a picture perfect image of hers. Her wet hair would come up on her face every time she twisted her head. How I wished I could capture the moment right then!


I started wondering, ‘Is she the one I fell in love with which I now claim to be out of?

What has gotten into me today? Why am I feeling attracted to her? I promised myself I won’t let me fall for her again. I’m over her… I’m over her, right?’ doubts won’t stop popping up in my head. My mind had turned into a messy playground.


No... No...!!! I can’t fall in love with her. She loves someone else, and if I fell in love with her, it would only lay grounds for me being miserable and hurt in the end. I should learn to stay from things that can’t ever be mine. She’s my best friend, and I intend to keep our relationship that way.’ I substantiated myself.

My thoughts broke as she called out for me, asking me to join her and dance in the rain. I gestured her that I won’t.


She came towards me, held my hands and dragged me out of my comfortable seat. What followed was just madness all around. ‘She could turn me into a puppet anytime she chooses toI thought. We started playing around; jumping in the mud, dancing in circles, chasing each other.


Finally the rain stopped. It must have rained a good 30 minutes. By now, I was almost sure I would be getting my appointment with some sort of flu or fever booked!


I dropped Neha at her hostel and headed back home. My parents wanted to know how I managed to escape the rain, but they could see me dripping wet. I explained what happened, minus the Neha part, to my parents (my mom - to be specific).


I had come home at around at around 8:30 P.M. I dried myself with a towel my mom gave me as soon as she saw me at the gate, soaked! I wasn’t feeling hungry, so I called off my dinner. I went straight to bed and lay on it for a while. I was really tired.


Why am I having second thoughts about having any feelings for Neha anymore? I had decided to be non-emotional anymore. I thought, like vampires, I could switch my emotions off anytime, right?’ I doubted. Again, my inner voice turned a deaf ear.


I didn’t notice when I had dozed off. 

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