Ferrari Horse

Its about a Black stallion who comes to Oliviers house and see's her all the time returnes to her Olivier remembers her mum...


6. The Search For The Ferrari Horse Begins

There he is said Stella come on boy said Olivia. Stella said we can’t go to fast otherwise the horses will get tired. Ok will go up to our limit said Olivier. Stella said lets find him quickly if we can’t find him we will have to stop searching and continue the search tomorrow because your Nan will get worried and so will my parents said Stella. But I know he is out there I can feel it said Olivier I know said Stella. We have to get back before dinner time and that’s in 5 minuets. But he is out there all alone said Olivier. Stella said come on Olivier lets go said Stella. I know he is out there I can feel it boy. come on Olivier said Stella. Ok coming said Olivier come on boy lets go home.


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