Every rose has It's Thorn

Sherry has been with her boyfriend Drake for 2 months, they were getting on well but now the only thing holding them together is their love for music


4. The Talent show...


It had been three weeks after Sherry and Drake had their big argument in the middle of the hall and sherry wasstll upset and It didn't help that Drake had decided to go out wit rachel who was so excited she kept in bragging about why any one would want to give him up. She only ever talked about it when Sherry was near her because this always had sherry running to the toilets to cry her eys out again.

However Sherry cheered up a bit when the posters where put up round school that there was to be a talent show next week and that any on who was interested should audition next break.

Sherry got through the auditions easily even though she wouldn't tell us what song she was sang for her audition only that it expressed how she felt.

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