Every rose has It's Thorn

Sherry has been with her boyfriend Drake for 2 months, they were getting on well but now the only thing holding them together is their love for music


7. THE SHOW FINAL !!!!!!!


On the day of the show Sherry was getting even more nervous bcause the show was in the afternoon so she had to sit through the morning of lessons thinking about the show.

When the show finaly came Sherry was so nervous the only problem was Mrs Stevens our hadteachee wouldn't let us go and see her to try and give her a bit of support before she went on.

Rachel was on just before Sherry so Sherry was the last one to go on which meant she had to sit and watch everyone else perform before she did.When Rachel came on she suprised most people, she walked out on to the stage with skinny jeans on heals and a bright red sparkly top on, that didn't suprise us even if the outfit was a bit shocking. When the music started nobody rcognised it but when she startd to sing everyone was so suprised that she had the nerve to sing that song, she sang Can't fight this feeling anymore which was the song that Drake first sang to Sherry at the end of the of the song not even Drake clapped, you could see from his face that he was so shocked just like everyone else was. When Sherry came on everyone exected her to be in tears having just heard the song that had made her fall in love. Sherry looked very pretty her hair was curled so the ringlets fell down her back she had a dress on anda demin jacket but the best thing was that she didn't have heels on she had little cowboy boots on. When she started to sing we were all suprised ( in a good way) at her song choice she sang "Harden my heart) when she sang it was so powerfull and you could that she realy mant every word of it and the best bit she looked right at Drake as she sang it and he looked sooooo guilty. Rachel was sat nex to Drake in the audience because everyone who had just performed had to join the audience and shelooked so angry because it didnt matter what she did Drake couldnt take his eyes off of Sherry.



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