Every rose has It's Thorn

Sherry has been with her boyfriend Drake for 2 months, they were getting on well but now the only thing holding them together is their love for music




After the talet final Rachel invited everyone bck to hers includin Sherry, sherry won the show but we all knew she would. When we got to Rachels the first thing we saw was what she was wearing. She had a tight fitting silver sparkley dress on that was ripping at the sides you could tell that the dress was to small for her , big hoop gold earings masive silver shoes that she couldn't walk in and worsed of all she had Drake by her side.

Sherry however had gotten changed out of her costume and was now wearing tigth dark denim jeans a guns and roses top that only she could have pulled off, and a pair of black converses even though I had tried with all my might to get her into some heels for once but sh had insisted on wearing converses but I guess they did look good.

Over te course of the night all the popular guys came and asked her to dance but she said no so I danced with them Sherry did't mind one bit.

As the night wore on Drake had finaly managed to shake of Rachel and came to see sherry he didn't send me away plus sherry wanted me there and Drake realy wanted to talk to Sherry...


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