Every rose has It's Thorn

Sherry has been with her boyfriend Drake for 2 months, they were getting on well but now the only thing holding them together is their love for music


10. Happy ever after dosen't exist


Rachel then suddenly went to slap Sherry but Drake took the slap for her, Rachel looked shocked that Drake had taken the slap but said with an ice cold glare

"I guess you deserved it as well." and with that she stormed off in to the crowd that had formed to see our scene and Drakes song. A while later Sherry led Drake into the back garden saying that they needed to talk... Sherry told me afterwards that she had decided that she couldn't  stand anymore heart shattering fall outs or break ups and that she had no more tears to cry. Even though Drake pleaded with her and begged her to take her back she couldn't give in Sherry says that "if you love something let it go if it comes back than it is yours if it doesn't it never was."


All the way through this story I have told the story and I know how ssh feels because I was and still am her best friend, sometimes I am the only person she can trust and to me that means allot


thank you for listening xxxx

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