We all know that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. But what happens when the good intentions is no longer what we care for? How far will we go for the wishes of our dearest beloved, and how far will we go for revenge?


1. The Hospice

Nurse Mary Jackson was happy about her job, even though she hated it. She had been working at the children hospice 3 years now. 3 years, there would leave scars on her soul, and forever change her look at the universe. She had thought, that becoming a nurse just after graduation, would be a good way for her to help making the world a little better place, and shape it as a good place for her children (when she got some) to grow up. And to be honest, Mary still thought that becoming a nurse had been a great idea, but this place was breaking her heart. 

Mary's job at the hospice was easy. She had to take care of 4 children in the age 4-6, all with cancer. She would wash them, serve their dinner, read out stories and turn out the light at night at exactly 8.30 p.m. almost every night except Sunday when she was off. Yes, on the paper Mary's job wasn't too bad, but no-one could have known which connections Mary would make to the 4 children. She loved them all so terrible much, and was sick of fear that one night would be the last. That she would get awaken by the alarm and call the doctors, to see if there was anything more they could do, which there never. Only from her department already two children had died in the past 3 years. Mick and Claire. No, Mary should not be thinking about them now. It was enough that they hunted her nightmares, they shouldn't be in her awaken condition as well. Mary took the cart with the lunch on, and brought it into room 3 where her children was. Alis, George, Hannah and Mellie were the nicest kids Mary had ever met, and she loved them as if they were her own.

When Mary opened the door, she saw that Alis' sister was there. Alis' sister were beautiful, blond and brown-eyed, and properly one of the best sisters you could wish for. She was standing and tickling Alis, and Alis' cheeks was lightning up with some color the for the first time today "Lala stop!" Laugh/screamed Alis with as much power as she could. "Hey you Barbie" Mary said with a laugh while she was giving Alis her lunch. "I didn't know you were joining, do you want some lunch?" Alis sister was around 5 years younger than Mary, but they were still really good friends. "Hi Ginger" Alis' sister replied. "And no, I just ate a ginormous muffin before I got here. Actually, I brought muffins for all of us. I made them myself! Can i pretty pretty please share them out?" She made those chocolate eyes big and begging. "Pleaaase Ginger?" Mary gave up, "Okay then. But no eating them before lunch." It seemed like Alis' sister didn't hear the last part. or maybe she had chosen not to do so. She ran around jumping sharing out the muffins. Mary got one, of course they were amazing. Mary smiled, it was good that they had someone like Alis' sister to spread some joy. When everyone were finished with the muffins, Alis' sister rose. "I gotta go, see ya everyone. I love you Alis" She sat down and kissed Alis on the forehead. Alis whispered "do you think they are coming?do you REALLY think so Lala?" "Of course. I will make them come" she replied. Mary knew Alis was talking about that new boyband she loved so much. Her biggest wish were to see them in real life. Mary smiled to Alis. If it would make Alis happy to think so, then Mary would do anything in her power to keep Alis believing in that. "And now kids, real lunch" mary yelled with a smile. 

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