Please don't die on me

"My Dad has cancer. I don't know what to do."

Angelica's Dad has cancer. When her Mum and Dad got divorce, she chose to live with her fun-loving Dad over her drugged up Mum. Angelica's Dad was re-married, and had two more kids, Morgan and Cerys.

Twelve years later, Marvin got lung cancer. He has a fifty-fifty chance of survival. Angelica, has to learn that her Dad might not survive. What's a girl to do. Pray and say...

#Please don't die on me!#


4. Visiting hours

I lay on my back on my bed. I had covered my eyes with my forearm. I didn't want to go anywhere. Not down stairs, not out to the shops. I just wanted to lay in my bed. Joanna opened the door and came to my bed. Tears started to come to my eyes. Joanna, held me close and started to cry. I hated it when Joanna cried. It made me really sad. I got up and held her close. Joanna held me, rocking me side to side as I cried along. We sat there for a few moments, watching each others tears.


We went to visit Dad today. I wished for him to be up and smiley, the doctor rushing in saying it was a mistake. But we got there and he was lying down, grey and sad. Tears made walls in my eyes. It was horrible. He turned and saw me frowning. He smiled. He, shakily held up his hand and beckoned us forward. We sat with him, Dad smiling. He clutched my hand when I was closer and kissed it, smiling away. I smiled back, my wall of tears falling down. He stroked my tears away from my face. He was weak. Really weak.

'Hello beautiful. How was school?' I pressed my lips together until they were invisible. He frowned slightly.

'I said to her Headmistress that since she was having a hard time with you in hospital and all, she was to have a few weeks off.'

'Well, not too long! I want my girl to get good education!' He really didn't care about himself.

'Dad, I'm not going to school until you're home.' He frowned.

'Princess, I might not be going home. You have to realise this. I might die.' I wanted to shout, but Joanna placed a hand on my shoulder and shook her head slightly. Good old Joanna. Or good young Joanna? I dunno. They talked for ages while I stared out the window. I heard the beep of my phone which made me jump. I pulled out of my pocket and wandered out the ward. Joanna and Dad didn't see me as I left, smiling and making jokes about sports. I typed my password into my phone and opened the text box. I opened the recent text and stared. Somehow, someone had found my number and had text me somthing about my father and death. Nothing made me cry harder, which brung Joanna out to hold me.

'What happened Angelica?'

'Someone's found my number. They've text this.' I showed her, her eyes growing wider at each word. She went towards Dad, and started to shout. Every word swirled around me head. I closed my eyes before hearing a loud thud. I had collapsed.





I awoke, about twenty minutes later, with Joanna and some doctors around me. Like when an actor in a movie wakes up with lots of people around them. I sighed, closing my eyes and holding my head in one hand.

'Are you okay, miss?' I nodded, propping myself onto one arm. The doctors rushed to my side.

'Try not to move too much, Angelica.' Joanna said, stroking my arm. I pulled my arm away softly, telling her it hurt. She understood and pulled her arm back. I smiled softly, swung my legs over the side of the bed and stood up. Doctors and nurses started to shout at once, but since I couldn't hear them, I walked away smiling. They kept on going infront of me yelling at me to go back to bed, then a loud voice screamed over them.

'STOP, SHE'S FINE NOW CAN'T YOU SEE THAT?!?!?! LEAVE HER BE!' I turned and saw Joanna. I had never seen her so angry. I nodded, a little scared. She calm down a little and gave me a nod back. I walked to my Dad's ward and went in.

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