Please don't die on me

"My Dad has cancer. I don't know what to do."

Angelica's Dad has cancer. When her Mum and Dad got divorce, she chose to live with her fun-loving Dad over her drugged up Mum. Angelica's Dad was re-married, and had two more kids, Morgan and Cerys.

Twelve years later, Marvin got lung cancer. He has a fifty-fifty chance of survival. Angelica, has to learn that her Dad might not survive. What's a girl to do. Pray and say...

#Please don't die on me!#


2. The family before

I sat outside the office at Mitchell birth, marriage and divorce center waiting for my Mum and Dad. I sat, swinging my legs. I sat in a black and white spotted dress and stripped tights. People passed and whispered about me. The only reason my Mum and Dad are divorcing is because Mum started taking drugs. It wasn't her fault. It was her other boyfriend started her. She had been having an affair with Dad for about eight months now. Yesterday was their ten year anniversary, when Dad found out. She was on the phone to another guy, in the kitchen and then Dad entered. They fought for hours. I went to my room and cried silently. They had been happy until she met Ashley. He worked at the post office with Mum. They started seeing each other, everytime Dad was away for a meeting in Edinburgh or where ever. We had these kinds of things in Aberdeen. I hated Ashley. He had ruined my family. My Mum and Dad came out, shook hands with the guy and then sat next to me.

'Angel, who you want to go with. Daddy or Mummy?' I looked up to Mum, as she smiled. Tears springed to my eyes.

'Daddy.' He smiled. Mum glowered at me.


'Because, your taking those things and I don't like Ashley. He's horrible. He doesn't like me either.'

'If you lived with me, then you and Ashley could get on better. I know you guys could.' I looked at her with loathing.

'No. I don't want to live with that guy. He's horrible.' Mum knew when she was beaten. She stood up then ran to the doors. Disrought. Dad stood up once the doors shut and held his hand out.

'Just us two now.' I grabbed his outstretched hand. We walked out the door. A door to a new life.


Twelve Years Later


I lay on my bed reading, Holly Partridge's new story "Dancing with the Dragons". My little sister's, Morgan and Cerys poked their heads round my door.

'Angelica, Mummy wants to see you.' The twins opened my door and grabbed my arms. I sighed as I left the book opened on my bed. I walked down the stairs and entered the living room.

My stepmum, Joanna, was sitting reading Woman Daily Magazine. She put it down and saw me being dragged by the twins. She made them leave by the flick of her wrist. I sat next to her, watching the TV. She put down the magazine again and hugged me close.

'Where's Dad?' I asked, pulling myself from her grasp.

'Still at work. He said he would be home shortly. How was school? Good?' I nodded, turning my head back to the TV. I loved Joanna, even more than my real mum. I wanted her to be my real mum. I stared at the TV, until the phone went off. Joanna picked it up and anwsered She walked out to the hall.

'Hello?' Pause.

'Yes, speaking.' Pause.

'Coughing. Well, he has been coughing lately.' Pause.

'His breath being short. Well not that I noticed.' Pause.

'Good God. I'll get there as soon as I can!' Joanna slammed the phone down and burst through the door. I jumped up and stopped her from running madly round the room.

'Joanna, what's wrong?'

'It's you're Dad. He's collapsed after a coughing fit and short breath. He's in hospital. I'll get Morgan and Cerys and drop them off at Marie's. Your coming with me.' I nodded. I rushed up the stairs and grabbed my shoes, leaving my door wide open.


When me and Joanna got to Howard Gate hospital, we rushed to find his ward. We ran up and down stairs, and through corridors until we found him. I ran to him and grabbed him. My Dad, still startled by my rushed hug, patted me on the shoulder.

'Dad what happened?'

'I don't know. One minute I was telling a story, the next I was coughing like mad and blacked out. I only woke up a few minutes ago. They've done tests. But I don't know what their gonna find.' Neither did I until they came, fifeteen minutes later. The doctor came in with sheets of paper clutched in his hand. He walked towards the bed containig my Dad and opened his mouth.

'We have you're test results. They've come back positive. We are so sorry. But Mr. Oldwin... you have lung cancer.'

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