Please don't die on me

"My Dad has cancer. I don't know what to do."

Angelica's Dad has cancer. When her Mum and Dad got divorce, she chose to live with her fun-loving Dad over her drugged up Mum. Angelica's Dad was re-married, and had two more kids, Morgan and Cerys.

Twelve years later, Marvin got lung cancer. He has a fifty-fifty chance of survival. Angelica, has to learn that her Dad might not survive. What's a girl to do. Pray and say...

#Please don't die on me!#


1. Me and Dad

He lay in a hospital bed. I gripped his hand at the side.  He smiled at me.


'It'll be okay, Angelica. It'll be okay'


Yeah, It will I thought as I blinked. He smiled then closed his eyes.

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