Let's play...

Kayla and Stan have been best buds since ever, yet what happens when Kayla interferes with Stan's video game out of sheer boredom? Well...let's just say does she like to play??

(Warning [PG-13] Parents Strongly Cautioned)


1. Let's play...


I’m bored! Urgh I mean I must be really bored since I’m voluntarily sitting here on the sofa watching Stan play one of his many stupid video games! I mean if that doesn’t spell boredom I don’t know what does.

Acting without thinking I pounced on Stan’s back,

“Ow!” he whined

“Stan I’m bored!”

“And that’s my problem because...?”

“When I’M bored EVERYONE is BORED!” I declared

  “Oh right, sorry I forgot

Groaning at his lack of interest in me I began singing and dancing on his back.

“...DANCE DANCE...!”

Pausing his game, he groaned out in frustration, yeah that’s right try and ignore me now bitch!

“Why...?! Just why?!” he whined

“Cause” was my reply; yeah I’m simple like that

“You’re that bored? That you won’t even leave me to play my game in peace? Please let me? I’ll play with you later?”

Hmm? The devil is a lie, I know what he’s like just one more level please... I’ve almost completed it; oh oh oh wait I’m nearly finished... FOUR HOURS LATER!

“Nope... I’m bored now”

Groaning once more he resumed his game.

Um how dare him! I’m bored here, hell to tha no! If he thinks he’s playing that then he’s sorely mistaken, hehehe oh yeah time for me to do what I do best...ANNOY!

I started singing paramore crushcrushcrush



“Kayla...” Stan groaned

Yesss! It’s working!


“I’m warning you...” he growled under his breath

Oooh ah warning I’m sooo scared! Not.

Bouncing up and down on his back I continued to annoy...


Stan had spun round flinging me off his back and pounced on me! Urgh the trapper had sadly now become trapped, great.

“I warned you” Stan growled

“Grr... what are you a bear?”

“No try pissed off guy”

“Aw come on Stannie boy I was only playing with you” I pouted doing the best puppy dog eyes I could muster up, sighing at me Stan shook his head, oh I see a smile! Yes I won! Wait hold the presses it looks more like a smirk.

Uh oh.

“So you wanna play huh?”

His voice had changed its tuned, this doesn’t sound good, and ignoring his question I just stared back at him like a helpless puppy, and he stared right back with playful eyes.

“Fine. Let’s play...”




For some reason I didn’t like the sound of that

“Yes, play

“Like monopoly?”

“Nope” he breathed near my ear making me involuntarily shiver

“Um...” my mind had decided to go blank; his face was far too close for comfort


He chuckled

“Cat got your tongue hmm?”

His breathe tickling my cheek causing me to shudder, wow was it me or had it suddenly got really hot in here?

Before I could even react to what was happening Stan’s face was getting closer and closer to my own, ARGH HE WAS ALL UP IN MY FACE!!


It happened all too quickly, he grabbed my face and smashed his lips to mine, I was beyond shocked. He was kissing me? Stan was kissing...


My eyes were wide open the entire time, as I saw his close as he kissed me, still shocked motionless I realised he was still kissing me, what the hell am I supposed to do???!!!

I tried moving my lips too but it just felt wrong, was I even doing this right? I wish I had some kind of sign!!

Suddenly Stan moaned into my mouth loosening his grip on my face and letting his hands wonder around my body till they came to rest on my waist, tensing he pulled me closer to him crushing our bodies together causing us both to groan in unison at the impact of it.

Knocking the motion back into I pushed Stan down sitting on his waist, panting catching my breath back, what the hell just happen... ok Stan kissed... Stan kissed me...oh and Stan frickin’ kissed me!!!!

Glaring down at him I spoke deathly slow, “what the actual fuck Stan!!! How dare you take my first kiss like that!!! Nothing gave you that right!!!”

To my annoyance he just smirked, why the hell is he smiling now? I’m mad, this is MAD KAYLA! And she is one BAD MAM-AH-JAM-AH!!!

Take?” his voice a seductive whisper

“Oh you’ll be begging me to take a lot from you soon”

My heart beat accelerated; I was stunned into silence, did he just say that?

He leaned forward, making our lips connect once again.  Though this time he got a little handesy, his hands quickly made their way to my breasts caressing them “mmmm” what was that noise? Holy shit! It was me!! Was I actually...enjoying this???

He played with them through my top, rubbing and squeezing my very sensitive nipples with the occasional pinch that made me squeak.


“That’s it, say my name” his voice husky and deep. I felt his teeth nibble my neck causing me to gasp out loud, the feeling almost overwhelming.

“Stan...” I breathed, knowing I had to stop this but not finding the strength or will power to want too.


This was not happening! This was not happening!

“Let go for me” was all he said before bringing me to the brink and over, lifting my top he scooted down my body, till his lips made their way to my already erect nipples. His tongue darted out to one and I swear my whole body jerked.  Then putting his whole mouth over my nipple; sucking on it like it was a lollipop.

“ahhh f-f-fuuuckkkkk” I cried out, he was teasing the hell out of me; was he really going to make me beg? Was I prepared too?   

Well I guess we were never going to find out, BECAUSE....

“Kayla!!! I’m home!”

My MOTHER came home, before I did might I add!!

“Shit” I muttered under my breath.

"We can always continue our little game another time" he smirked winking at me.

Oh yes we will play again and this time I’m playing by my own rules...

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