You don't even know me

You don't even know me is a diary written by two girls. The Bully and the Victim.

Laila has a hard time at school, one particular girl Jessie James makes her life a living hell. Laila has now reached the point she is contemplating weather her life is worth living. After her parents divorce, things pile up on Laila and Jessie James is making it all worse. Every corner she turns Jessie is there ready to humiliate her or shout spitefull things. Other people join in with the jerring but how come Jessie just doesn't know when to quit?

Jessie James has always been the pretty one at school, the populor one but no one at school even knows where she lives or what goes on behind closed doors.
Jessie is left at home all night with he 2 year old brother, while her parents are out getting drunk. Things get worse and it's sometimes days before her parents come back and seeing Laila have a perfect life was making her life feel 10x worse.


1. Jessie James

Monday 13th


Dear Diary, 


Well It's me Laila, aha as if I needed to write that I mean, I'm the only one writing and reading this so why write my name urgh. Well I'm not going to scribble it out because that would make it look messy and Gran just got me this today so there.


Do you ever get the feeling someone wants you to be prefect and if your not good enough you always feel down and unnapreciated. Ha well thats how I feel everyday. I hate going to school, who ever invented it needs to seriously think it through again. I mean it's literally like prison. There's always a pecking order and it gives kids an open chance to pick on you until you feel like a peice of crap on there shoe. I mean, I'm not the prettiest girl in the school but Im not ugly. I have never done annything wrong to anybody in that damn school but all they do is give me greif. I'm always carefull to stay out of peoples way and as soon as the bell goes for break or lunch I retreat to the tree, in the furthest corner of our feild. Don't get me wrong I don't have many friends but I have a few that's all I need. 


No matter what I do, I can never flush away the Image of Jessie James. What can I say about her, she is perfect and I'm not. I


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