Megan is lost. Not literally, but it's definitely pretty damn close. Her mom is an alcoholic, and has been as long as Megan remember. Same for her dad being gone. She doesn't often show up at school, and when she does, it's not like she's done her homework. The teachers just stopped bothering her about it after a while. She only has one friend, Juliana, who is just everything a friend should be, but that's it. Boys is not really one of her great interests either. And then again. When the new hot twins both seem to have the hots for her, why not give it a try. Oh, yeah, because Megan doesn't give a fuck. Yet, there definitely is something strange about Drake and Derek... ___ These are ONLY drafts, no editing has been done yet!


2. Prologue

The air around him shimmered, as he stepped out of the shadows of the trees, and into the sunlight. This is where he starts shining like thousands of diamonds, right? Well no, because he wasn't exactly a vampire.

Instead, he just stood there, no sparkling at all. And yet.

To me, he had always looked like the picture perfect man, and his looks had been both charming and dazzling. But something about how he really looked, behind all the layers of glitter, was attractive like nothing else I'd ever seen. He looked like a slightly more buff Damon Salvatore gone rogue. Again with the vampires.

The scars he had warn me about wasn't the first thing I noticed about him, but when I did, their significance stood out on every part of his body. He had told me they were not scars of fighting, but of survival. If they had not covered every inch of his body, I would have believed him. But a voice deep in my head kept screaming: "Violent, violent, get away from him, he's violent!"

I didn't listen to it, but I could have. If I had let myself be scared away by his scars, I would have avoided getting some of my own.

But somehow I was already in too deep, and I had a feeling that the wound leaving him would cut, would never heal and turn into one of those scars.

"Megan? Do not fear me, I beg you," he whispered. The sound nearly didn't reach me, but it did. I cracked a smile at him, and put everything I felt for him in it.

He smiled back, and said with an almost-laugh: "My brother is better looking than me, you know."

"Give me one good reason to care about your brothers looks," I challenged him, and smiled even more widely. "And I thought you were twins, by the way."

He laughed to himself at my response, and shook his head.

"We look the exact same to you, do we not? Well, in reality we are very, very different. But because the man of your dreams, is what you see when you look at us, we are alike."

"That sounds logical," I admitted, though I never thought I would describe brothers with the ability to look perfect to anyone in their presence, as logical.

He laughed at me, and his eyes met mine. They were a deep dark green, and shining like never before. He was beautiful.

And in that moment, I realized I was falling in love with him.

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