Megan is lost. Not literally, but it's definitely pretty damn close. Her mom is an alcoholic, and has been as long as Megan remember. Same for her dad being gone. She doesn't often show up at school, and when she does, it's not like she's done her homework. The teachers just stopped bothering her about it after a while. She only has one friend, Juliana, who is just everything a friend should be, but that's it. Boys is not really one of her great interests either. And then again. When the new hot twins both seem to have the hots for her, why not give it a try. Oh, yeah, because Megan doesn't give a fuck. Yet, there definitely is something strange about Drake and Derek... ___ These are ONLY drafts, no editing has been done yet!


4. Chapter Two

I led the way to the cafeteria, but I avoided all of his questions elegantly. More or less. When he said how my home was, I said that there was always something to do. That was true, if yelling at my mother and being furious counted. When he asked about my friends here, I just mentioned Juliana as my best girl, and babbled on and on about her. Not once did I look him in the eyes, just in case he'd see the real me behind all the fences. I've always been a terrible liar, except to my mother.

The bell rang out of nowhere, to announce that third period was over. I remembered what fourth period was for me. Physics, is really the worst subject of all.

At least if was a class I shared with Jules, that always took some of the edge.

"It's right behind that door," I mumbled, and pointed at just about the only door visible at the end of the hall. Smart move, Meg.

He nodded. "So I supposed." He offered me lift of his one corner of the mouth, barely a smile, and walked through the door.

> I sort of figured when I met one of them and he mentioned a brother... <

That was the answer I sent back to Juliana, the second the door closed behind Drake. It had taken me some time, but while we had been walking, I had activated my rarely used memory, and fought to memorize the name, even though I would probably end up giving a shit. And I knew it. But for some reason I wanted to remember his name at any cost.

I set my way towards Physics, while I waited for Juliana's reply. Even though I hated being here, I got to admit it. I missed that girl more than I thought when we weren't talking.

> You talked to them?! <

The slang was gone, and so I knew she was genuinely surprised. Thinking about it, so was I. I didn't usually talk to anyone in school except Juliana, if avoidable, and strangers weren't really my thing either. Those two combined with the stranger being hot... Well, let's just say I got her confusion.

I was almost at the classroom, and knew that texting Juliana back would be a waste of time, since she would probably catch the sight of me before she even received the message. So I just walked a little faster down the hall.

I sensed it more than I saw or heard it. All the eyes on me, all the whispers, the giggles. This is why I never went to school. Being the official laughingstock isn't preferable, and definitely not when all you really want to be is a wallflower. Welcome to the world of Megan Cain.

“Meg!” an unmistakable voice squealed, and I heard stilettos on the floorboards, coming towards me. At least she didn't mind showing off her affection for the weirdo in public. I guess that's why I loved her so much.

“Jules, hey,” I greeted when she reached me, and ignored the mean stares as well as I could.

She hugged me tight for two seconds, and then leaned in and giggled in my ear: “You talked to them? Like Mr. Perfect 1 and 2?”

I smiled at how startled she seemed about the fact that I had actually spoken a word to someone else than her. It was petrifying me too, but I still found it funny to see my own feelings written in her face.

“Only Mr. Perfect 1. Or was it 2?” I teased her, and had to stop myself from sticking my tongue out at her, and the rest of the crowd staring indiscreetly at us.

“That's enough for me! But hold on a sec.”

She turned around to face the staring group of people, the made me feel more uncomfortable, the more moments passed.

Waving her arms in big circles, like a penguin trying to fly, she raised her voice.

“Mind your own business guys, just because you don't have a life, you don't have to sneak peek into other people's.”

And that was why I loved her. She had my back, and didn't ask for anything in return. I am positive I would have killed to save her life, but she didn't need to know that. Knowing I cared, was enough.

The crowd started to dissolve just a little, and somehow I could feel that even though everybody stayed close, they weren't paying attention to me anymore. There was two minutes left till Mr. Anderson was supposed to show up, but I could already hear how everyone went silent was he passed. As usual he was early.

He walked by, and looked almost stunned that I was actually there. Of course he had every right to, but his face expression was still pretty damn funny.

“Take a seat, everyone!” he called out, and people started pouring into the classroom after him, like sheep being herded. That might be exactly what they was.




When we had all found a seat, Juliana and I in the back of the room, the lesson started. There was a reason I almost always skipped chemistry, even when I was at school. Mr. Anderson really knew which buttons to push, to make you want to go to bed.

"I'm bored," I sighed, and Juliana looked at me with those eyes of deep understanding that was her signature. Her eyes was her most dominant feature. Her only dominant feature, honestly. Her skin was fair and her face plain. Her body was curved, but not above the average.

Typical, plain, ordinary, and she had my undying love for that.

"Who isn't? I mean, nothing has happened here since last summer. And you can't even talk about that in public, 'cause it's so tragic." She whispered the last part, mostly because speaking was a pretty loud way of expressing yourself in a silent-as-the-grave classroom.

"Who isn't what, miss Smithers?" a strictly looking Mr. Anderson asked. Him and Juliana had a serious war going on, that was probably going to last forever.

"Who isn't finding this subject extremely interesting?" she replied overly sweet, referring to his monologue about the periodic system. Mr. Anderson's lips formed a thin blood-drained line. Giggles escaped at least half of the class, and the rest had to compose them self to stay silent, including me. That was the reason I didn't always skip chemistry.


When we left the class about thirty minutes later, Mr. Anderson's face looked like a red chili pepper, and Juliana looked extraordinarily happy with herself. Everybody else had smiles plastered to their faces, and for a second they seemed to have forgotten who I was.

Juliana and I walked together to the cafeteria, just like we always did when I was present, and as always, she acted sincerely happy to see me.

The first thing she did, was ask me what I had been talking to the hottie about. She didn't know there names, because nobody had been brave enough to approach them and ask. Apparently everyone was as hypnotized by their appearance as I was.

She got the story, all details included, but of course there wasn't much interesting to it. Still, she thought it was a valid reason to invite them to join our table. That's was where I dug my heels in. No way I was going to ask both him, and his brother to join us. Just about everybody seemed to have spotted them, but nobody dared to near them. They didn't seem to care though.

I turned my head away, ignoring how hard it was not to glance back every few seconds. Obviously they were twins. No one could look so much alike, and not be. Which meant two things. First of all, I couldn't separate Drake from his brother. And second, there wasn't just one supermodel going to Mercy High School. There was two, and they were equally perfect.

A soft tickle tiptoed up my spine when I reached for a burger at the counter, and I felt an unjudging pair of eyes staring at me, straight followed by an unfamiliar one.

”The hot guys are staring at you,” Jules leaned in and whispered, a second after the sensation hit me. As if I hadn’t figured that out yet.

“It’s probably because they're scared my hair has caught fire,” I mumbled, scared to feel the least honored by the attention, when we all knew that they, like everybody else, were going to end up hating me.

“Just because nobody else here is a redhead, it doesn’t make you a freak. It’s not like we don’t know gingers exist when you’re not around,” Juliana stated, trying to lighten up my mood. Sadly, she knew me too well to think it would work, so the attempt was halfhearted.

Maybe, if she hadn’t mentioned the word freak, I would have appreciated her efforts. Instead, I couldn’t help but snap at her.

“No, there is so many other things making me a freak before that…”

Jules sighed loudly, and shook her head by my side.

“Get your ego up from the floor, before someone steps on it, please,” she said, and now she was speaking my language. She was right, and I knew it. I was being whiny, and I could right as well suck it up now, as later.

I looked at Drake and his brother again. They were so alike they couldn't be anything but twins, and the fact that there now was two of them, only seemed to double the sensation of the fluorescents shining brighter than ever.

Nobody was approaching them. Not even Selma Canning, the most popular, not to mention bitchy girl at the school. She just stood on the sideline staring with her friends, looking quite a lot like a goldfish.

“Come on, go talk to them! You're the only one who has actually said a word to any of them, much less had a conversation,” Jules encouraged, and pushed me discreetly towards them. The thing is that discretion isn't really a possibility when no body is moving within a range of ten feet to someone. Then you're going to attract attention, even if you look like everybody else. And I don't look like anyone else around here.

“Hey... My friend and I was wondering... Would you like to join our table?” I asked Drake as I approached. Whether he said yes or no, he would soon learn that our table wasn't the place to sit. And that I wasn't the person to be seen with. When I was not here, Juliana was actually quite popular. The fact that she always threw that away to support me, kept having me ever so grateful. As she put it, I owed her one. Or two-hundred and twenty-three.

When Drake answered, he looked me right in the eye, and said: “I accept your invitation,” at just about the same time his twin said: “We must decline.” Drake elbowed him, and looked apologetically at me.

“I am sorry about my brother's discourtesy, he is shy.”

I nodded and caught his brother's eyes. Shy wasn't exactly the first thing that came to my mind when I looked at him. More something scarily close to hatred. Like he was unjustified by my very presence. I would have to figure that out later. Until then, I just studied him at a proper distance. The resemblance between him and his brother was so huge I wouldn't even call it resemblance. They were each other, and I was pretty sure no one, not even their parents could separate them from one another. And yet, there was something in his eyes, something I didn't see in Drake's. It wasn't the color, because that was exactly the same, down to every little speckle of different shades of blue. The sharpness in them was what was different. His eyes were like knives. Like arrows. And I swear to God, he saw right through me. Obviously he did not like what he saw though, because he shifted his gaze almost instantly.

Drake grabbed him by the arm, and dragged him after Jules, who had decided to lead the way, probably because she did not dare to look any of them in the eye. Or maybe she just wanted to be a ranger. Rangers lead the way, isn't that what they usually say? Well, I didn't really care, as long as she didn't go MIA on me.

The whole school apparently had decided to stare at us, mouths gaping like goldfishes, because for a change, everybody moved. Nobody shoved me or elbowed me when I walked past, and people didn't whisper about drugs every time I went near. They did whisper, indeed, but this time it wasn't about alcohol, drugs or my mom.

And for the first time ever, I received respectful looks. Not mocking, the standard. Not frightened, like the day my temper exploded on Selma Canning and I almost ripped her hair out of her scalp. This was just different somehow.

I didn't know if I could get used to it, but I sure as hell could get addicted.

When we reached the table, Juliana turned around and looked at the twins.

“So... You are new?”

Way to go with the smalltalk Jules, way to go.

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