Sara has gone from one foster home to the next. So on her 18th birthday she decideds she has had enough and leaves for america. Fate isn't playing nice and when sara ends up in plane crash things just get a whole lot worse because now she is marooned on an island with a bunch of strangers trying to find out who she really is and dealing with love and loss at the same time. Will everything work out for sara or will she stay marooned forever?


1. Am I dreaming?



I woke up in a cold sweat, my eyes blurry,my head dazed. Where was I? How did I get here? All the questions whirled around In my head, producing a rather large lump in my throat making it almost impossible to breath. The sun was blazing down on my lifeless body. I couldn't be in Enlgand anymore as the waether here is far nicer. For once now the weather didn't bother me, I just wanted to know how I had managed to get where ever on this earth I was. Sand stuck to me like I had just been rolled in glue and the cold blue sea whisped it's way upon the shore and tangled it self in my hair.



Being completley clueless made my stomach churn, although I was pretty sure that was partly from hunger.The sad thing is why would anybody come and rescue me? I'm a nobody, I have nobody. That was the whole point of going to America, to start a new life. My whole childhood was spent going from one foster home to the next. So that's why on my 18th birthday I decided to leave.


I hadn't really got a plan just a wad of cash and a rucksack. Your probably wondering how I got the money , well my latest foster parents gave me £200 pounds to get out of their lives- charming,I know. Not many people want a teenager. My biological parents were assured there was a long list of people wanting to adopt a baby. So you would think, I would have been ok. That wasn't the case, you see not many people want a baby thats in and out of hospital either so by the time they made sure whatever I had, had gone. So was the long list of potential parents. So I got a one way ticket to America, eh that pretty much describes my life One Way.



I figured I had been laying there for almost an hour now. I had no idea what I was going to do. So I hauled my self up, although a little to quickly I might add beacuse I felt a little queasy. I reached my hand up to my forehead and discovered a damp, warm substance. I realised the reason I had felt so queasy was because I had a nice large cut there and with out a doubt the substance was blood. I've always hated blood, I could never watch gory films or even Holby City. It sounds pathetic and crazy but it's the truth.


Something also caught my eye or at least I felt it first, I being a complete scatter brain had managed to misplace my brand new shoes. So the heat from the sun on the sand was quite like cooking bacon on your feet. There really was no point in me standing there: I mean if I was some random person walking by me looking like I did then, I would be slightly confused or even partially worried. I picked up mu pace searching for maybe more survivours or life forms. I doubted it but was ever hopefull. Single droplets of water bounced from one leaf to another, it was like I would imagine paradise. Just a lonley paradise though.


Something drew me towards this little tiny bricked path way. It had to lead somewhere and I hadn't got the foggiest where I was going to go so I decided to follow it. Thank fully it lead to the other side of the island. So from what I know the Island either isn't that big or my mind was wondering to much to even notice how long I had been walking. One of the two any way.  Then it struck me, there it all was the wreckage from the plane. Tears welled up in my eyes, it was like a paper ball screwed up and tossed away for trash. 


The feeling was awful, Innocent people at the heart of this watery beast. Words can not describe the mess and destruction caused to this peaceful little Island and Famalies and friends back home. I was trying to peice the whole affair together when something glittered in the sunlight. I was intruiged, so I walked over to whatever it was. To my surpise it was a small heart shaped locket on a silver chain. There was something engraved on the front but I just couldn't work out what it said. I dusted over it with my hand and the tiny little letters spelt out M A R O O N.  At that moment a hand touched my shoulder.


I screamed and fell to my knees. 



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