20 Short Poems

A collection of 20 short poems on no select topics. The aim is to keep everyone's spirits up! No deeply depressing poems will be found here! [Completed: 5/20]


3. A Modern Day Monarch.

Kiss me in the sun,

Kiss me in the rain,

Either way you do it,

I'll still feel the same.

You can lavish me with presents,

Or give me nought at all,

It doesn't matter what you do,

I'll be at your beckoned call.

At night when you are sleeping,

I'll sit there wide awake,

And watch your resting form beside me,

Cooing the sounds you make.

I'll take your hand in mine today,

And tell you what I mean,

When I bend to kneel before you, my Love,

And name you my new Queen.

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