Following Flames

From sea to country, from Hell to normal, at least I hope. Something is following me, and won't leave me alone. Could you just back off, you've taken everything from me already.


1. Another Start

“Kalena, get up!” A voice called from the right of me. Are we there already? That was quick. My eyes fluttered open, adjusting to the bright light streaming through the window. Trees ran past me, towering over me in groups. The sun bled through tree's limbs and leaves, just little pockets of sunlight burst through. Like a night sky, the lights like stars, the trees like the dark blanket over us at night. The light, warm summer breeze brushed up my hair, and swept away behind me. There's something about having the window all the way down when driving in the summer, it's something that most people can remember from when they were younger. But just because I'm sixteen, that doesn't mean I can't relive memories that whisk me away back to my childhood. Back to before everything went bad.

“Come on, wake up sleepy head!” Mum sung. You can definitely see she was happy about living in the country, and so am I. But then again, we'll both miss living by the sea. But like Mum said, 'Change is good,' I guess it is. But sometimes, people don't want things to change, but certain things.
“Mum, please calm down.” I groaned, wiping my eyes open, my vision still a little blurry. I peered over to her, she wouldn't calm down. She was almost bouncing up and down on the car seat. Her once brown hair, a lot like mine, now in layers of blonde dye shimmered like gold in the sunlight. I had to admit, blonde hair did suit her. Her mouth curved in a white smile, and her emerald eyes gazed down the road ahead of her. Maybe it's the different type of smells in the air are making her at like this, saying that makes her sound like a dog.

The forest's density began to thinning, until we came to the outskirts of a small town. Impressive looking houses stood firmly within the loose forest, standing their ground. We stopped at a red light just in front of a brick bridge, train tracks ran over it and into the distance by the looks of it.
“Are we actually here?” I asked. No impressed that I've been waken up before we've actually arrived at our new house. Mum just shot me a happy little grin, that resulted to me rolling my eyes.
“A few minutes and we'll be there. I thought you'd want to see the town, considering we live a five minute walk from the high street. And you also need to see where your bus stop is for school,” she recalled. You'd think we would move to the town my school is, but no, Mum decided to move into a house 10 miles away. So I have to take the school bus there every morning, and back every afternoon, great (that was sarcastic.)

The amber finally appeared, and the car began to move slightly forward. Until it kicked into speed by the time the green light made an appearance. The forest came to an end just a few seconds after passing the bridge, and fields took it's place. There were no animals grazing the grass there, but there was a man walking his dog. This town by the looks of it would be a good place to walk a dog, with all the fields and all. On the opposite side of the road from the fields were houses, in several different roads, but one whole group. One house had a stain glass window, a patchwork of colours, no images.

We came to a corner, we turned left. After waiting for the car in front taking it's time deciding which way it was going. All I could see was a couple arguing, I don't know why, but I felt upset seeing that. Probably because I saw there was a little girl sitting in the back of the orange rust coloured van, scared, not quite sure what to do. I wanted to see what happened to her, but Mum drove away from her. We came to another bridge, again, train tracks ran with the brick work. There must be a train station nearby, either that or this town is in the middle of a major train network. After the bridge, ahead there was a group of traffic lights. By the looks of it, if you turn left, you'll end up going to the high street. But, Mum kept going straight, it was only between those two roads.

To the right of the road, was a park, with a large pond which was shaded by a few trees. There was also a playground with slides, swings, rockers and a climbing area. A group of trees talked amongst themselves in the corner, while the trees at the pond guarded the murky, green water. Not much would be found there, just the few ducks the bathe there. Other trees were stranded out in the green furred desert, just listening to the wind streaming past them. I've always had the sense of trees, and their voices whisper in the wind. Quietly, secretively, only for those to hear that don't block nature with chavy rap or other crap like that.

The image of trees whispering block the world outside the window, and I didn't notice anything else as we drove closer and closer to our new house. I would call it a home, but it's not a home until it's earnt my respect and affection. My eyes flickered open, and that's when I saw it, the house.
“Come on, get out, everything is already in your room. Just need to unpack,” she was still singing. She jumped out of the car, locked her door, and sort of skipped over to the house.
“Great,” I grumbled under my breath, not bothering to argue. Might as well get used to this hell-hole, considering that I'm going to live here.

I laboured myself to the house after locking the door. The house was in a rectangle of houses, and a large green patch of long grass stood sickly in the middle, waiting to get cut. By the looks of it, the grass hasn't been cut in months, and since it was summer, it was growing uncontrollably long. On the other side of the 'green,' was another rectangle of houses, but their grass looked more presentable and welcoming compared to ours. Our rectangle was bigger though, but I don't think that makes a difference. Actually, theirs was more like a square than a rectangle. There were other houses around the corner by the looks of it, but I can't see them.

The house already showed an impression of depression, loneliness and abandonment. The house looks untouched. Not in a 'good' way, where it looks new and fresh like the grass on the other green. But it matches the 'grass' on our green perfectly, unused, unwanted and overall, not needed. The white paint on the front door was peeling slightly in the corners. The very small patch of grass outside the house that was fenced off, was like the green, (from now on, I'm calling our green, the grey) unmanageably out of control. It is also lacking green pigments that it's supposed to have loads of, a bit like me, lacking life. Fir trees lined around the fence, instead of the side that was a road, that lead down to a little line of houses.

Mum left the door open obviously, I walked in, not at all happy about anything. But since we had to move, something has died inside of me, well, I'm not surprised. I pushed my thoughts to the back of my head, went upstairs, and unpacked my stuff. Admitting, that I live here now, unfortunately, and fortunately.
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