Techy Diary

14-year old Ana sets out into the wonders of Pretty In Pinks, Douchebags and the 'Freaks' at high school. Hoping to get a boyfriend, learn how to perfect sarcasm and get her family a guy as quick as she can before she has to split up for summer!


2. Weird-o-rama

After school, Mum. Exploded.

I ever so casually dropped the hint that I may have got a detention, which usually, she wouldn't care less about. But today? She turned into human foghorn mode! My mental brother Billy started crying, clearly wanting all of the attention (nothing weird), and mum softened. However, when he went to bed later on she said "When will you learn, Ana?"

"What do you mean mum?"

"Don't play innocent. I'm sick and tired of running round after you, stopping you from getting in to trouble."

"Mum! Obviously your attempt at that last one doesn't work."

"Enough cheek. Get out of my face now. You're doing my head in!"

"Well that's two of us getting annoyed then." I mumbled. Avoiding her glares, I grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl and shot upstairs. Where I am now.

I am seriously getting worried about mum now. She's gone weird-o-rama on me, Billy is anyway, and I'm slipping at school! Now I'm trying to concentrate on my apple that went a grossy brown colour a while ago.

Don't I lead such an exciting life?

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