Techy Diary

14-year old Ana sets out into the wonders of Pretty In Pinks, Douchebags and the 'Freaks' at high school. Hoping to get a boyfriend, learn how to perfect sarcasm and get her family a guy as quick as she can before she has to split up for summer!


3. It's getting hot in here!

In form, I was just avoiding a lecture from Mrs Brackem about planner-signing when this boy walks in and I almost collapse. In fact, I think my eyes had mini spasms. With a dark swooping emo-style fringe, dancing blue eyes and a casual look on his face, he looked like my idea of an angel. Clearly I wouldn't be good at angel-picking in Heaven, because as soon as Mrs Brackem saw him, I knew instantly what she thought. I was as if her head had opened up to me.

He's a total bad-boy.

It reads on her face.


Completely oblivious to the effect he has caused on not only me, but also Berry and basically every girl in the classroom, he slides into the seat next to mine.


From across the room, Berry gives me this look. The OMG look. Before I can shoot an embarrassed look back he speaks.


Like the dofus I am, I stupidly spin around in my seat to check if he is actually talking to me.

"Um, bonjour." WHAT THE HELL? Why. Did. I. Say. That.

Berry is in stitches across the room.

Embarrassingly, so is the boy.

"You speak French?"

"No, actually, I j-just..." I cut myself off before I can look even more of a dope.

As the bell pierces through the classroom, his next words are barely audible, but I hear them before he leaves.

"You're cute, Ana."

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