Techy Diary

14-year old Ana sets out into the wonders of Pretty In Pinks, Douchebags and the 'Freaks' at high school. Hoping to get a boyfriend, learn how to perfect sarcasm and get her family a guy as quick as she can before she has to split up for summer!


1. Techy Diary!

High School... What is the meaning of it? With the PRETTY IN PINKS  the                                 DOUCHEBAGS and of course, my type,           THE FREAKS!! :D Of course, you'll have your own variety, but I'm just saying 'cause it's my diary and I'll say what I want. My name is Ana (yes, one 'n') and I suppose you could say that sarcasm is my best strategy (considering I'm pretty bad at singing, dancing and normal teenage girl hobbies). This was originally supposed to be a homework assignment for some subject (I forgot and can't be bothered to remember), but I personally found it MUCH more interesting to write down my thoughts. Probably not much, I am pretty basic in the head. I ABSOLUTELY hate (with a capital 'H') make-up. This is probably one of the most obvious reasons why the Pretty In Pink's hate me. I live with my tree-hugging hippy-like-hell mother and my seriously mental younger brother. I blame my brother for basically everything. The main reason is usually because it is actually his fault, but some of the time I do tend to mess things up. Like today, for example. We were in music and our teacher Miss Jay told us to get into groups of 2 and perfect our crappiness at keyboards. Naturally, Berry and I paired up. Let's just say, Berry's severe but infectious case of Slag-off-itus resulted in the both of us getting a detention. Oh well. It's not exactly as if I trail through the endless school hours just to rush home in extreme happiness to dance around the kitchen with my brother and help my mum cook tea for Dad (someone that we DON'T have in this family) like most energetic 14-year olds would. Maybe it would all be different if we had a father...                                

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