Good times never stay.

This is a story about a girl, Allie-May Griffin, who feels a bit left out with her 'friends' at school. She feels like she's being pushed out of the group by the newcomers. She is bullied by Katia and her friend Melanie . She remembers the times when things wereperfect, when her and her friends were so close, but it's true when they say the Good Times Never Stay.

I am hoping to make this into a triology or series too. ;3


2. The Standing Still.

 I get up, feeling fed up, and go to leave. I tell Amy that I think I might go to the locker room to get my books, so they’d know where to find me. I hope she might tell me to stay, being the leader  of the group, and talk to me and listen to what I had to say like a true friend does, incorporate me into the convosation a little, so I feel a part.  I was wrong to think this. She simply looks at me, staring blankly for a moment before I watched her face crease into a frown, as if I have just asked her to throw herself of the nearest cliff. I feel terrible! Why do they not want me around? What have I done to deserve this sort of treatment from the people who are supposed to be my best friends?

          I slope off by myself.  I don’t want to be friends with them anymore. Why should I be now anyway? After all, they can’t be true friends, though I did feel they were at first. I enter the locker room,  thinking it was empty. It is, other than Bella Allen. Bella isn’t in any of my groups at school, we just know each other from a quiz we did in a team last year.

      We exchange greetings. It’s a shame for Bella as she doesn’t have any real friends herself. The friends she does have hang around with other groups too.

         We spend the rest of lunch together and  I honestly really enjoyed it! She’s clever, like me and so it was nice to have someone just as nerdy as me to hang about with, rather than people who don’t understand your use of “long smarty-pants words”. It was also good to have someone to talk to and who listens to what I have to say. But eventually the time came to leave for lessons and I made my way to drama.

           I don’t enjoy Drama, especially when  we are in groups where we are with other people in the class, rather than our friendship groups, as I am very shy. This was unfortunately today, and to make it worse, guess who I ended up with? Katia! I always end up in her group as she’s not in my friendship group (of course), if I have one or not.  My supposed to be friendship group always ditch me anyway, so I join whichever group is left. Much to my dislike, this is always Katia’s group. Her and Melanie scare the life out of everyone really so nobody goes with them, so I end up there by default.

              The groups were preselected, so as soon as we are registered we have to join our groups and then it begins. Whichever ideas are decided (my ideas are ignored like always), Katia explains it over again to me, making out I am dumb. It’s annoying as I’m smarter than her. Whenever she speaks to me she thumps me hard in the back with a tightly clenched fist, I feel each one make a bruise, it was like a tiger attacking it’s prey. Each one gets harder than the previous one, until I’m so close to tears my throat becomes so tight I think it’s going to tear in two. She finishes by pushing me hard, saying:

“You can’t do anything right!”

             I fight the tears for the rest of the lesson until the bell rings and we’re finally let out of the room, they don't even have a clue how worthless the things they say make me feel. It feels like hours before I escape the classroom. Those last words of hers ring out in my head over and over and I can’t bear it! What made this worse is that I have no-one to turn to – not even the teachers! They don’t do anything… they don’t care.

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