Good times never stay.

This is a story about a girl, Allie-May Griffin, who feels a bit left out with her 'friends' at school. She feels like she's being pushed out of the group by the newcomers. She is bullied by Katia and her friend Melanie . She remembers the times when things wereperfect, when her and her friends were so close, but it's true when they say the Good Times Never Stay.

I am hoping to make this into a triology or series too. ;3


3. The Knocking Down.

      I get up the next morning, wash the grease off my tear-stained face and tell myself:

“Allie-May, you’re better than them, you need to stand up to them! Put an end to this!”

The door of my room burst open, it’s dad telling me I’ll be late if I don’t set off for school now. So I do.

Once again, I approach the school gates . Katia and Melanie stand smirking at me as I come by. Katia grabs me again, pulling me about. She digs her fingers deep into my shoulder blade. I feel anger flush through me. I feel myself pry her bony fingers off my shoulder. I turn sharply to face her, yelling:


She looks shocked, but I see her face immediately turn to a mean scowl. What follows happens so fast I don’t realise what’s happened until I’m on the floor, in pain. She kicks me swiftly and forcefully in the shin. I drop on the floor with a scream, bursting into floods of tears, as if a storm had broke out inside me.

      I open my eyes to see Mrs. Kipling hauling me up off the floor, asking If I were okay. She’s obviously seen everything. She leads us to her office, hands me an ice pack for my leg and tells me to sit down outside the office. Katia follows her into the office, looking scared. The door closes and I hear a lot of shouting on the other side. When the door swings open and I go inside, Katia is crying. She shoots me an evil look and Mrs. Kipling opens her mouth to speak:

“Allie-May Griffin” she says, “How long has Miss. Mills been bullying you like this”

“Well….” I reply, hesitating,”Ever since I came here”

“Really, but why didn’t you tell anybody?” she asks, frowning slightly.

“But I did Mrs. Kipling! I told Mrs. Jones! But she just nodded, said she’d look into it and nothing ever happened, miss!”

“I see, well I shall have to have a word with Mrs.Jones and get to the bottom of this. You may go back to class now Miss. Griffin”

“Thank you, Mrs. Kipling.” I said.

I leave the room and return to lessons, Katia doesn’t turn up. Soon, lunch creeps up and she’s still not back. Then Bella came running up to me and told me that Katia had been excluded! It seems  as if everything will be okay for now,  I have a new best friend (Bella!), nobody to bully me (Melanie’s too scared on her own and is now being extra nice to everyone in a bid to make friends) and i think all my bruises are healing. It’s like the that had killed it’s prey has just watched it get up and run off.

   A week later, the classroom door opens and a tall girl walks in, a new girl. She pulls out the seat beside me and glares at me.

“I’m Kim, Katia’s cousin. I guess you’re the Allie-May girl? Well I have something to teach you.” She hisses at me.

“Oh no!” I think to myself, but I know now how to stand up for myself… so maybe she won’t be a problem at all.

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