Good times never stay.

This is a story about a girl, Allie-May Griffin, who feels a bit left out with her 'friends' at school. She feels like she's being pushed out of the group by the newcomers. She is bullied by Katia and her friend Melanie . She remembers the times when things wereperfect, when her and her friends were so close, but it's true when they say the Good Times Never Stay.

I am hoping to make this into a triology or series too. ;3


1. The Building Up.

I've only ever wanted a normal life.One where I’m not depressed most of the time. A happy one. Everything’s okay at home, Mum and Dad are together and all that but at school it’s terrible! I cry on the bus home every day – what must the people think? I’m on my own as nobody else takes the same bus. I just want one friend that will be there for me. I feel so small at school, like I’m the bottom of the pile, the leftover, the one that’s always last to be picked. Well, at least not the last one to be picked on. Just like now.

“Heh heh, look who it is!”

I turn around to meet the pointy, mean face of Katia Mills. I frown a little and try to proceed through the school gates . I failed. I feel her bony fingers clasp my arm as she forcefully pulls be back out the gates, a bitter smirk spread right across her face. She calls me a rude word and then Melanie, her best friend, follows it up.

“Aren’t you gonna speak then, stupid?” she snaps at me.

“Not to you!” I mutter though it came out almost silent, so she didn’t hear a word.

“What’s that you say?” Katia remarks, giving me a sharp, hurtful shove down through the school gates, heading down the path to the door. I stumble over a rock on my way down, this is followed by mean laughter from them way back at the gates. I ran the rest of the way in embarrassment.

                 Its not that I don’t have any friends, I do. Well, I think I do at least. There’s Millie, Amy, Emma and Chloey, but even so I don’t feel that they’re true friends. I’m almost certain of it. The only thing is we used to be really close, almost inseparable. It was that way for so long, but it’s near it’s end now. I loved the days when we were able to tell each other everything but now we can’t. It all began falling to pieces ever since Cathy came around with us. She would follow us around all the time! We would get along  really well if she wasn’t so bossy and loud.  Now almost every word I say is ignored by them and I can’t get a word in edgeways in a conversation.  It’s horrible. With that as well as Katia and Melanie and their mean ways…

         Just that second, the dreaded bell rang out for lunch, the sound it makes fills the room with that terrible ringing. I gather my things and follow my friends out of the room like a sheep and across school to the locker room. Our locker room is growing mould up the walls now and we had a pest problem a while ago. It used to be a garage of some sort but they converted it for our lockers to go in it. The worst part is everyone litters and stuff too so it’s not the nicest place to be, but it has potential. Once I have my lunch in my hand, I chase my “friends” out of the locker room to half way across the tarmac outside it. You would think they’d wait for me like they wait for each other, like true friends do, but they quite happily walk off without me. They never wait for me! If it wasn’t for Katia I’d happily eat on my own. The last thing I want is her coming up to me at lunch and spoiling my food.

            So I sit on the bench with them and listen to their conversation. It’s nothing that interesting so I keep quiet as I have nothing to say. Once they’d run out of things to talk about I open my mouth to speak.

“I….” I begin

Suddenly, Cathy pipes up, she talks loud, overpowering my every word. I start again, louder this time, almost shouting.

“I L…..” I try to say it again.

Again she gets louder. I give up. The rest of them don’t bother to tell her to let me speak, though they know as they look at me whenever I go to speak. But they are listening to Cathy banging on about her new puppy, like a baby bird in desperate need of food.




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