Forget me not

Everyone has a fait or destany they have to forfill, but what will happen if you didnt follow your destiny, whoul everything fall apart? or if you had no destiny?


3. dreams

The following was chilly, and quiet. Not even a peep, i guess no bodys home. I havent got the gratest luck, so i better go and check. As i went down the stairs, i noticed the mails here. I'll get it after i eat some brekfast.

As i went into the kitchen i noticed my mums bedroom doors opened. I heard a loud bang and rushed upstairs and into my room, what the fuc-. I walked up to my bed, the letters- which i left downstairs by the door- were left in a neat little pile on my bed. "Autumn", said a low, husky voice. I turned and to my horror "Lilly, i thought you wre dead?" She lunged at me with a massive kitchen knife.

I woke up with a scream, surrownded with a pool of sweat around me, not another nightmare.

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