The Wait Effect

I wrote this short story due to a task set in my english class to create a monologue.


1. Stuck


I WAS stuck - stuck with no way out, bound by the chains that hold me down; and only when the clock struck a godly hour of which I was allowed to roam - a roam so restricted it consisted of short walks around the same spot I trod the other day. I knew my freedom had long since left me - carted off with the other belongings I once used to own and now as I sit in this grey, lifeless cube all I see are visions of the outside - of the place which I should be in, however my dreams never last long. The harsh cries of my captor’s voices echo like a wailing banshee - trapping me into a crush of silence. There are many more prisoners in here, but they have an unrequited hatred of me. Only for a short period did I ever feel safe – not once did I hear a friendly voice – only in my dreams, for I dreamt again and again for a saviour - someone to repent my sins – free me from this godforsaken place. As the light shatters from view and the darkness begins to surround me – engulf me into its dark abyss, I curl up like a child defending itself from the monster that hides under the bed – hoping, praying that my dreams will save me. The outside is forbidden here. No news, no flowers, no colour. It’s as though the painter forgot to use colours and has made everything dull to purposely torture me – make me go insane.  The smell – no rose petals to distance it, only the rotten cabbage smell that lingers close by. I watch them every day, file out of the block cells one at a time – as though they’ve lost their spirit, their broken. I feel a cold shiver run down my spine every time I walk through the metal doors – feel my heart thump faster – to the beat of a dead march. All the same – these four walls, it’s been so long – too long since I saw the other side of the same four walls which suffocate me. So long since I have looked up to see anything but the concrete blocks holding me in – holding me back. Longing to reach out – see the colours of the earth and be free. So far I had submitted to their will, done as I was told. The wait to see her angelic face, forever etched in my mind, always making tears fall helplessly to the ground.  The thought of holding her close – us being close enough that not even a piece of paper could come between us – oh how I longed to be like that again. A shrill bell rang through my ears – signalling that we were allowed to go – it’s time. Every time the minute hand moved closer to that waiting hour – the daunting tick – tock – tick – tock of the clock had me pulling my hair, had my fists pounding the wall. The wait was over – I would see her again. The room was ever so brightly decorated compared to the deeper, more silent chamber I came from. Her face, lit up the room, made my heart thump – not in a bad way, butterflies entered my stomach, just as they did the first time I saw her. She looked at me – smiled – and stood. We collided in the middle – no warning sounds – no shouts of ‘Get back here’ were made. Only silence as the fresh air hit my face – as I looked at the blue sky – the vast green grass. I wondered what I would do if I didn’t have her – if she didn’t want me anymore. History would repeat itself – history was repeating itself. Only this time I had a reason to fight – Only this time I was determined to change.

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