A story about a girl..

Every emotion will be displayed in this book.


1. At Least Not Yet


The dimly lit street stretched onwards from the outside of the dance studio. The sharp chill of the wind wrapping around me, forcing me to pull my jacket tighter to my body. Sighing I lifted my left foot of the ground and started down the path. Some people such as my family, or what's left of it, once told me I should not be afraid of the dark, but embrace it as it's beauty will shine underneath the moon. If your wondering why i'm out here, then I had better introduce myself.


My name : Faye Andora Woods.

17 Years Old

5 ft 8

Slim but Curvy Figure (gets me unwanted attention, which is sometimes, but hardly ever wanted)

Muddy Brown hair that emphasizes my greeny-yellow eyes that grow lighter as does my mood. I love dance, not hard to know that.

Anyway back to my story...

I have just left practise, not a good one, with my black camera hung around my neck I realised that I was no longer on the right route home. I glanced up to check my surroundings and saw a beautiful sight that made me gasp. The moon was shining on a house, a beautiful victorian mansion with a black gate preventing anyone from trespassing on it's grounds, but it only accentuated the view. The sound of rushing water filled my ears as I took a tentative step forward. My cold fingers reaching for my camera without taking my bright wide eyes of the scene before me. The closer I got the better the view, lifting my camera i flicked the switch, but stopped halfway and did a double take as my eyes caught hold of a black sillouette making their way towards the balcony on the second floor. He was looking up at the moon as it illuminated his face. He was definately a he, his face almost god-like. Sighing, I quicklly snapped the picture, loosly, almost reluctantly allowing my fingers to release the camera so that it hit my chest with a soft thud and hung perfectly around my neck again. Taking one last look at the house, I grunted as I stiffly demanded that my feet continued their walk, trying to get the image of the mysterious mans face out of my mind, but being unsuccesful.

That picture, I treasured for the rest of my life....





My family isn' the family you would wish for. My parents split up when I was 7 due to constant argueing. A young age to loose your family, but with the help of my brother I coped. My Brother. Josh was the one who cared for me, fed me, helped me, comforted me, until he died. His life was taken two months ago by Cancer. He was buried, but no service took place, I visit his grave. He knew this was coming and he had it planned. He organised his own service that would take place in a months time. I never pictured my life like this, but then again who does. Isn't it every girls dream to grow up with her wonderful, caring parents; get married with her siblings by her side, watch as her kids grew up getting to know their uncle.

Well no one has to tell me life ain't fair or that dreams don't come true.

Tears fell down my cheeks, as my feet stumbled and my knees hit the cement path with a small, bang, loud in the darkness of the night. My eyes looking to the sky, hoping, praying I may just glimpse Josh looking down on me with his cheeky grin spread across his face, feeling the touch of his strong, warm hand in mine. Squeezing. Telling me that everything is going to be alright.

Right then and there I knew I was oblivous to the harsh reality of the world I lived in. A ghostly smile on my face, my hands spread to the side, my hands welcoming the small patters of the rain drops landing on my palms. To a passer-by I may look as though I was praying, they would think I am crazy, a freak as I knelt in the downpour, as rain soothed me, slowly caressing my skin, drawing me into a hug. Some may say I am stupid, that I should listen to my surroundings, be more aware and that I shouldn't daze of into my own little world. But I can't help it. I need it.




So I never did hear the sound of footsteps behind me, I didn't feel their strong hands wrap around my arms pulling me to my feet. Just the faint murmurs of their voices entered my mind.




So now as I close my eyes and a silk cloths slipped over my mouth, my brain shuts off. My lips still tilted, as I fell into a deep slumber where my dreams come true, where I could stay, be loved. My sanctuary.

But my dreams hadn't become reality, at least not yet.

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