Give Me a Break

Again this story I started writing a while ago so have a look.

"Stop messing around little girl we don't have all day!"

I was shaking my head. By now all 6 figures were spread out in a circle. Although I think they were expecting me to cry, they weren't going to get no tears from this tough girl. I've put up with Shit like this all my life and nothings going to break me now. Instead they just stood around me, I took in the surroundings for the first real time.

For more read and find out!


4. You Know That Right

Recap: My friend called fisty.. met him in year 10 and he's be a loyal since.


My thoughts were were forming incoherent sentences to mumble out of my mouth. Anna must have noticed my sudden change in mood, as she chirped over and took Cain and Yuki to the form room. Speeding away she turned one last time with a look in her eye that said BE-CAREFUL-AND-DONT-DO-ANYTHING-STUPID!

Psshht like i would !! Well.....


Im.... , he's supposed to be a role model for them and he's just gone and blown it ! JERK! ARGHH !!!

Stalking up to him, the once loud and laughter-filled corridors silenced to hushed whispers. People noticed I was pissed when Melanie the school IT girl went to say something remarkably dumb and I glared at her before she could even form the words in her tiny pea sized brain.

Jay noticed me walking towards him, and I saw a hint of nervousness in his eye.

"What the hell Jay?" I questioned him, but I already knew his tatics from long arguements at home. He decides to play dumb, I get more pissed, He denies and I punch.

Quit A FUN game if you ask me --- Lets hope you noticed the sarcasm!

"Well if it isn't the larry loner!!" Ash smirked as everyone laughed. Which almost immediately stopped once I sent him a death glare and his face paled, all traces of a smirk never to be found.

"Why? Why couldn't you just say hi back? Huh ! For Gods Sake Jay, she's your sister. Do you know what that means ??" I was in a full blown fury and nothing would stop me.

"Just leave it alright Shennay..I can't deal with this right now." He replied in a harsh tone, anger seeping through his defences.

"Why can't you deal with it? Coz you sure as hell can deal with fucking one of the blonde bimbos everyday, or go out partying, or even messing around with your mates.. Is that how you forget you have a family that might need you .. a messed up one at that?" I spat in his face.

Whoops .. all bow down too JAYS RATH ...


Run for your live .. Sarcasm. -- (You gotta give it to the person that was sarcastic first)



Staring up at him with wide eyes, my mouth forming an o shape. Tears stinging the back of my eyes.

"How can you say that?" I whispered. "I know everything you've been through, I've felt it too." I told him.


he screamed.

Now everyone knew he had gone to far, as ash was holding him back and exchanged glances between me, giving me sorrowful pitiful looks and glaring at anyone around us.

Tears fell onto my cheeks as I heard Cain whisper to me.

"Shennay why is Jay being mean to you about ...." He stopped speaking tears glistening in not only his eyes but Yuki's aswell.

Jay had captured his beast and pulled him inside locked deep down, but it was too late for those hateful and heart wrenching words he said. Worry, Sadness and Regret etched its way onto his face.

"S-s-henny ." He used my nickname he'd come up with when he was 8 and I was 7. "I-i-i'm sooo sorry.. I didn't mean it." He was stuttering and a single tear fell from his eye. No-one had seen the almighty King cry apart from me and my family.

I wasn't pissed no more to say the least. I was having recurring flashbacks of the night that ruined everything. Ruined our once united and love-filled family relations.

"Yes you did," My voice came out stong with only the slightest tremble. "You meant every word."

Jay was shaking his head, he was trying to reach out to me, but as Ash was still holding him, it was hard for him to do so.

I had to get out of here. He knew nothing, they knew nothing. Bending down to the twins who were looking at me in concern. I whispered them something.

"Stay with either Anna or Jay. Okay?" I whispered hugging them tightly.

"W-w-where are you going Shenny?" Yuki trembled.

"Somewhere, just promise you'll stay with them. Ok and make sure they don't come after me, I love you Guys! And I always will, but its time I took responsibility." Tears falling to the ground. Still hugging them tightly.

Kissing them on the cheeks, I stood from the ground and straightened my top, as they nodded their heads and I took one quick glance at Anna who was shaking her head, knowing what I was going to do, but looked away as fast as possible and glancing towards Jay to see him struggling in Ash's grip. His gaze locked with mine.

"N-No Shennay Don't" He whispered with concern as he struggled hopelessly even more. With that I took off running towards the big red double doors without a backward glance.

"SHENNAY NOO PLEASE I CANT LOOSE YOU TOO!" Jay all but whispered, his voice ricocheting of the walls. Pushing the door, the cold air of wind hit me and turning to look at everyone.

I whispered the last words I would ever speak to them,

"I love you, you know that right." And turned running through the doors never looking back, never stopping.

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