Give Me a Break

Again this story I started writing a while ago so have a look.

"Stop messing around little girl we don't have all day!"

I was shaking my head. By now all 6 figures were spread out in a circle. Although I think they were expecting me to cry, they weren't going to get no tears from this tough girl. I've put up with Shit like this all my life and nothings going to break me now. Instead they just stood around me, I took in the surroundings for the first real time.

For more read and find out!


2. Introductions

Beep , Beep , Beep "Wakey, Wakey" Out of the corner of my eyes I could see my little sister Yuki jumping up and down on my bed and her twin (my little bro) Cain was sitting next to me yelling "Get Up Get Up!" Bless there little cotton socks, today they were starting the same school I go to. So I get the honour of taking care of them. The door opened and in walked my arrogant brother Jay (well he acted arrogant at school and in the mornings ) "Hurry up and get ready. We're leaving in 20 minutes! " "Yes Sir" I replied, I was suprisingly happy today. ------------------------------------------ After I had showered and slipped on some clothes, I ran down stairs and shouted goodbye to mum and dad. They hardly ever speak to me and are never usually around. I ran through the front door closing it after me and straight into the passenger seat. Obviously Jay was driving and Cain and Yuki were in the back. If your wondering, I'm Shennay, i'm 17 and go to WaterGrove LoMiHi. It's a school for lower school children, middle school and upper school. Jay's in the year above me and is 18, Cain and Yuki are both 8 and twins. At least I know Cain and Yuki will be safe, I'll be looking after them today. I just hope nothing goes wrong. Fingers Crossed.

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