Give Me a Break

Again this story I started writing a while ago so have a look.

"Stop messing around little girl we don't have all day!"

I was shaking my head. By now all 6 figures were spread out in a circle. Although I think they were expecting me to cry, they weren't going to get no tears from this tough girl. I've put up with Shit like this all my life and nothings going to break me now. Instead they just stood around me, I took in the surroundings for the first real time.

For more read and find out!


3. Fingers Crossed

Never and I mean never say Fingers crossed, if you want something not to happen! I thought thats what stops things from happening, obviously I was very wrong ! Jay pulled up into the car park at school, by the time we were all out I noticed my best friend Anna running towards me at full pelt. I didn't have time to move, she bombarded me and we fell to the floor laughing. Jay had already walked over to his mates and Cain and Yuki were watching me and Anna in fits of giggles. The bell rang and I led Cain and Yuki towards the office at the front of school, Anna had gone to her locker and thats were we headed after Cain and Yuki got their timetables. Cain was on my right, holding my hand and Yuki on my left. Just as we turned the corner, I noticed Jay standing with his mates and Yuki called to him. Ohhhhhhh Crap ! This is going to end bad. He turned around and a smirk formed on his lips, his best mate Aarron was standing beside him laughing at the sight of us. He must have felt my gaze on him because he looked up and met my glare. His eyes roamed my body, but he went back into the conversation. Yuki now had tears running down her cheeks. Cain was hugging her, that ManHoar, that Jerk, that Player I call a brother! He is so going to pay for making her cry! And he knows when I'm angrey ,, I'm ANNOYED !!!! I hope he doesn't forget that otherwise he'll be meeting a friend I I know called Fisty ! I met him in Year 10, been a loyal friend since!  

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