"You've killed Gape."
That sentence is the turning point of this romantic, intense fantasy-novel about a hulave-girl named Elise Morrison. What is a hulave, you may ask? Well.. It's the term for a human slave.
In 2051 the vampires invaded the earth. This story takes place 450 years after.

This story has four and a half stars on the website "" and has been rated thirty-six times!
All the people who have read it says that it definitely isn't "Just another vampire story"

Btw—this is NOT a novella! It's a novel! :)


1. Prologue



I was awakened by the sound of a door slamming down stairs. When I looked over at Denise I discovered that she hadn't been and by that was still fast asleep.

Denise was my wilave, best friend and adviser. She'd always given me her thoughts on my relationship to Keith and on how I should hide it from Gape, our vaster. The term wilave meant that you had the same vaster. Denise and I had known each other since I was only a few days old and had been wilaves since I turned 12, but we'd never gotten tired of each other. We were like sisters, but without the fighting and common looks. I was a light brunette and she a velvet-blond. While she had eyes with the color of a crystal-blue, I had a dark-sea-greenly color to mine. She was tall and slim, while I was short and skinny. So no we didn't look alike.

I got out of the small one-man-bed Denise and I shared, deciding to check out who was up at this hour. As far as I could see, the sun was still up and Denise was sleeping. So who could the door-slammer had been? Surely it wasn't Gape, was it? 

While slowly moving toward the dark door of our closet-sized room, I studied Denise, who lay curled up in the thin sheet we had shared moments ago, mumbling incomprehensible words while drooling. She looked happy. Peaceful, even. A feeling she never expressed while awake. Maybe it was because of the way Gape treated us.

He always gave us impossible tasks, hit us, threatened to suck us dry and other unspeakable things. God only knew what he had done to Denise. She often cried and I had a suspicion that Gape had forced himself on her. Bastard. 

But then again, it lay to his nature. He was a vampire. An evil, bloodsucking vampire. 

After hiding in the shadows for many centuries, the vampires invaded the earth in the year of 2051 and had since then ruled it for 450 years. We humans had been their hulaves or donors right since. We hulaves either worked for companies or just individual vampires, but they weren't allowed to bite us—they were only allowed to bite live-donors, who were willingly giving up their blood in return for the pleasure a vampire bite could provide. 

You may think that that was a silly rule, because why should that be illegal? But it really wasn't: fifty years after the vampires had invaded the earth, the elves had arrived. Until then, they had lived in a place called Scira, a passage we passed on our way to the next spiritual stage.

After the vampires had invaded the earth, many people had died too young or too violently and could therefore not find their way to Scira. When the elves had noticed the lack of spirits, they'd sent some scouts to earth to find out what were happening. When they'd found out that the vampires had invaded it, they decided to move to earth to help us. The vampires had felt threatened by the this and had therefore decided to "keep a low profile" which meant they'd made it illegal to kill or treat us humans too horrible, which included biting unwilling donors.

It had made the elves a lot easier on them, but they'd kept trying to save some humans when they'd had the chance. 

When I went through the door of our room and stepped out into the narrow, dusty hallway, which were only lit up by the few strokes of sunlight that had managed to sneak in through the blinds, I heard the sound again: the sound of a door slamming. I increased my speed and practically ran down the steep stairs when reaching them. 


After entering the dark kitchen, I saw the silhouette of the man who'd caused the sounds. I couldn't recognize his face before he got closer to me, but when he did, I got a tiny shock: It was Keith. The man who'd broken into our house was Keith. His midnight-blue eyes were open wide and he had blood in the corners of his mouth. 

When he opened it up to speak, I saw that his fangs were out and just then realized what had happened: "You've killed Gape." I said in an accusing way while looking him strait into the eyes.

Even though I'd said it as a statement, he nodded holding my gaze as if his life depended on it. 

"He had to die, Elise. He bit you. What if he did it again? What if the next time, had been the last?" His voice sounded frustrated, but his features told me otherwise: He looked proud, amused even, by the situation

Keith had been a vampire for about a month and had gotten even worse than when he'd been vacessor. 

A vacessor is a human who's in the process of becoming a vampire. When Keith's vaster, Esther, had killed him while he had vampire blood in his system, he became one and it had changed his personality completely: His before so kind and loving nature, had changed into a cruel and hating one. His open mind had become single-minded. And worst of all, he was angry at the world, even wanted to kill most people and I always had to keep him from losing himself completely. 

One thing about him that hadn't changed completely was his looks: His midnight-blue eyes were the same color as they'd always been, his cream-blond hair were as light and shiny as normal and his cute smile hadn't changed either. He'd only lost some of the already small amount of color to his skin-tone.

In that moment, he looked at me with those cute features and I almost couldn't bear the thought of getting mad at him. But I had to. I gritted my teeth and got a hold of myself. He couldn't just go around and kill people, no matter what they'd done.

Before I could get a word out, a thought struck me. How? 

I rushed toward my vaster’s bedroom and opened the door, which was clearly the one that had been slammed. An unbearable sight caught my eyes; Keith had torn Gape's body apart limb from limb and had scattered the parts across the floor. Gape's king-size bed was soaked in blood and a silver-tipped maple stake was piercing a piece of Gape's torn apart body.

Nausea rolled up in my stomach and I had to get a hold of my breath to avoid throwing up.

Keith had followed me. I turned around and met his gaze. He looked just as amused as before. "Do you seriously think this is funny?" I exclaimed. "Have you completely lost all there were left of you?" The thought made me miserable and I felt a tear snuck down my cheek. "Have I lost you?" I asked, voice trembling. 

His features changed within a heartbeat from amused to a mix of livid and agonized. "I'm still the same person," he concluded. "Why do you keep saying I've changed?" he took a step closer toward me. "Didn't the old me do this?" 

He closed the already tiny space between us with an intense look on his face, lay his hands on my hips and kissed me. In the beginning I wanted to push him away, showing him that I wasn’t okay with him killing my vaster, even if he had bitten me. But after a couple of seconds, the scent of his soft skin was too strong to ignore and I just couldn’t get enough and I decided to just give in. Meanwhile, the kiss had gotten more passioned and Keith had steered me up against the wall with an unnatural speed. While lifting me up, he paused the kiss to look me in the eyes. His were filled with longing and eagerness. "I'm sorry my love." He said before our lips entwined yet again.

"Elise, what is going on down here—Oh." 

Denise must have been awoken by me and Keith's brief conversation, because there she was, starring at our doing, which must have looked way more serious than it was.

I slowly pushed Keith away from me, got a foothold and hurried to figure out what to say. 

"Gape is dead." Were all I managed to come up with. 

Denise looked in through the gaping door of our vaster's bedroom and then starred back at us wide eyed. 

"What is going on," she exclaimed "what happened!" Her already fair skin waned while her hands moved trembling toward her mouth. She choked a little scream and then only focused on Keith. "You've done this, haven't you?" 

When Keith nodded, she sighted and fell to her knees. She'd passed out.

I hurried to catch her before her head hit the ground while yelping.

Then, the wale scenery vanished.

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