"You've killed Gape."
That sentence is the turning point of this romantic, intense fantasy-novel about a hulave-girl named Elise Morrison. What is a hulave, you may ask? Well.. It's the term for a human slave.
In 2051 the vampires invaded the earth. This story takes place 450 years after.

This story has four and a half stars on the website "" and has been rated thirty-six times!
All the people who have read it says that it definitely isn't "Just another vampire story"

Btw—this is NOT a novella! It's a novel! :)


2. One




I woke up in my diminutive, rigid bed. I had dreamed about that day again, I realized. It had felt so real. But then again, it always did. It had been a month now and not one sleeping moment had passed without me reliving the episode in my dreams. In about twelve hours, here at this hulave-center which had been my home ever since, they'd planned for me to get a new vaster.

A hulave-center is a place where all the hulaves, past the age of twelve, who isn’t in “use” is brought. A horrible place where you can only imagine sunlight and where the food is even more horrible than it is with our vaster or company. It’s like the hell of hell. A nightmare you can’t escape by waking up. You can only sit down in your cell and rot until you get picked up. 


I regarded the others who were still sleeping in their own just as uncomfortable beds: Denise was snoring, Tessa lay in a position that looked very painful and Taiah, Tessa’s sister, literally looked dead. Who could blame them for sleeping in this late? This cell we were trapped in was both dirty, claustrophobic small and worst of all, placed next door to a bathroom which drains filled with God-knows-what you could clearly smell.

Denise and I had met the sisters on our way here. They’d been transported in the same hulave-cart as we had. A hulave-cart was a machine the vampires had invented short after they’d invaded the earth. It looked like a big cage with wheels and was programmed to transport hulaves to the nearest hulave-center. When the authorities had picked us up at our former home, after they’d found out Gape was dead, they’d called for a cart, but had been told that no one was available. So they’d had to put us in one that was already in use. Back then, Tessa and Taiah didn’t fight nearly as much as the past month. They’d in fact been totally silent. As silent as they were now while sleeping.

Denise and I hadn’t been quite as lucky since then though, because after a couple of days of peace they'd started picking on each other.

I drew a long sigh. I felt kind of relieved, because in only twelve hours I was going to get away from them. My ears' agony would finally come to an end. Another thing I could feel relieved about when the day was over-If everything went as planned-was that I would be free. No more vampires. Or at least, no more hulavery. One vampire would in fact return into my life; Keith.

Just before Denise and I'd been picked up by the authorities, Keith'd told me that he had to flee. If he didn't, he would get executed because it was illegal to kill other vampires. He'd said that I had to try to escape too, after reaching the hulave-center. I had to try to find him. If not, our love would fade and he would be forced to find another. He would be forced to find someone else to love. 

When he’d said it, his beautiful, beautiful midnight-blue eyes had looked so intense into mine that I couldn't bear to disobey his wishes: I had to escape. I had to find him. It was almost unbearable to think of him. every time I did, my thoughts always ran over those things we'd never done. How much I longed for him and how I missed those sweet, intense kisses. Keith my love, why do you have to be so far away?

About one hour later Denise and Tessa awoke.

“Good morning sleepyheads!” I said, voice filled with fake enthusiasm.

“Good morning,” said Denise while yawning. She rubbed her eyes and went to the rusty bars of our cell. 

She ringed the little bell and about a minute later a big, buff, sandy-haired guard approached.

“Yes?” he said with a hard look on his face.

“Can I go to the bathroom?” Denise asked as polite as she could manage.

The guard opened the cell’s door, jagged Denise’s wrist and steered her out into the bathroom next door. 

“two minutes.” He ordered while turning his head toward Tessa and me. 

“Does any of you need to go?”

I nodded while Tessa shock her head nervously. She’d been afraid of the guards ever since we arrived here. I on the other hand, just hated them and didn’t bother to be polite or frightened by them. 

I studied Tessa. She looked over at her sleeping sister with a grim expression painted all over her pale face while tugging a black lock of hair behind a pierced ear. But who could blame her? Taiah was sleeping a lot lately and we all knew why; She was too thin. And not like me, but really too thin: you could easily count her ribs even when she was fully clothed, her skin almost seemed gray, she almost couldn't walk out into the bathroom without help and her before so bright hazel eyes had really lost their light. It was only a matter of time before she would pass away.

I felt so bad for Tessa. Denise wasn't technically my sister, but I still loved her as if she had been. 

I would feel devastated if I knew that she was only days away from the final rest.

Even though Tessa and Taiah argued a lot, I knew they still loved each other very much. These moments proofed so much to me.

I kept observing Tessa for an awkward minute without any words. 

"I'm sorry" I finally managed to say. 

Tessa looked up at me. Her shoulder-long, black hair fell curly around her head. 

"Don't be," she said, voice calm. "at least not for her. She is only days from leaving." she concluded. "She is only days from freedom." 

She looked down at her own thin legs. 

"I'm months from leaving. You should feel sorry for me."

Before I managed to answer Denise was back from the bathroom and the guard gestured for me to take my turn. 


After closing the bathroom-door behind me, I studied my reflection in the little, foul mirror which was placed just above a tiny sink. My long, brown hair looked dirty, my forehead had acne scares lingering on it and my big sea-green eyes looked tired. 

I didn’t look ugly, though. I actually never did. Or that was at least what I’d been told my whole life. 

I did what I had to and knocked on the door. The guard opened it, stirred me back to the cell, locked the cell-door and left us with heavy steps.

While I’d been at the bathroom, Taiah had awoken. 

She and Tessa now sat down on the same bed and seemed to be lost in an intense conversation. But when I’d come in, they’d abruptly went silent, looking kind of guilty. 

Maybe they hadn’t gotten over the fact that I was in love with a vampire yet and was therefore a little grossed out by me. 

I didn’t care, though. They didn’t know the story behind our love. They didn’t know that we had met and fallen in love before he got turned. 

“Good morning,” I said to Taiah with an unaffected voice. 

“Morning.” She responded in a groggy way and failed to hold back a raucous cough. God, she was so weak and thin. She arched a gray, bony hand to scratch her neck, but lowered it after a few seconds on the mushy colored madras. 

“Are you okay?” I asked, trying to look oblivious.  

She didn’t look okay. Not at all, but I kind of already knew what she was going to reply. 

“I’m fine,” she winced, eyeing Tessa, who was chatting with Denise.

I held back a sigh and tugged her hand to say that I knew she was trying to stay strong for Tessa's sake. 

She made a slight grimace, I think should have been a smile, as a thank you.


“I think we should talk about what that guard told you yesterday,” said Denise an hour later at the eating-floor. 

It was a big, dim, cafeteria-looking floor where all the hulaves ate two times a day. at two a.m. And at seven a.m. Right now around two-hundred hulaves were eating some grey, gross-tasting mush. I drank lots of water to keep it down.

Yesterday, a guard had come by our cell to tell me that instead of being picked up by my new vaster at night, I was going to be picked up today at 12 a.m. When the rest of the hulaves and vampires were still asleep. Denise and I had been confused about this since the vampires couldn’t stand the sun and therefore always slept at that hour. I had never heard of anything like this before. 

“Yeah, me too,” I replied. “Have you thought of anything yet?” I studied her.

“No. I’m afraid not,” she took a bite of the mush and frowned. “This is disgusting!” she exclaimed and tossed the spoon back into the little, rusty metal-bowl. She looked around, as if nervous of being overheard and lowered her voice. 

“How can they feed us this? Even after a month of eating this garbage, I can’t get used to it.” I failed to retain a chuckle and she cast me a dangerous look. 

“How can you eat this?” 

I gestured toward the water. “I can’t, I just swallow it.” 

Now she was the one to laugh. “Fair enough.” 


On our way back to the cell, Denise brought the subject up again: “You don’t think they are going to do something to you, do you?” she asked with concern all over her face while looking down at the damp stone-floor, where a big, brown rarrow, which missed a big part of its tail, sat near a cell-bar and ate a loaf of white bread. 

A rarrow is only one of the many species who can transform from one animal into another. The rarrow can transform from a rat into a sparrow. 

I didn't know at the time, how, but I had a suspicion that the elves were involved.   

I considered what denise had just said while touching the ends of my hair—a thing I always did while thinking.

The thought about the vampires doing something to me had crossed my mind too, but I didn’t want her to worry about something happening to me, because what was the point? After the stroke of 12 today, we were probably never going to lay eyes on each other again.

“Of course not,” I gave her a reassuring smile while laying a hand on her arm—she was easier to calm down when I did that—“Maybe my new vaster is just passing trough Romania and is reaching us at day.” 

She nodded thoughtfully, still observing the rarrow with her crystal-blue eyes. “Maybe.”


I ran toward the door of my masters bedroom and opened the closed door, which was clearly the one that had been slammed. Nausea filled my stomach when the horrible sight filled my gaze. Gape's body parts lay scattered across the floor—

 "Elise, wake up.“A familiar voice sounded from above, making my already surreal experience even stranger; Gapes blood-soaked bed seemed to disappear while a set of crystal-blue eyes bordered with hundreds of thick, black lashes materialized.      

"They are picking you up in half an hour, you have to wake up.” 

I jerked my eyes open, trying to hold back a yelp. I had dreamed about the horrible day again. And the voice belonged to a devastated Denise, who was apparently trying to wake me up. I blinked a couple of times, trying to focus on her. God, I thought, It would have been so much easier to see if we had just had a God'damned window.  

Tears were running down her fragile-looking, yet beautiful, face and her satin hair was awfully muddled compared to what it usually looked like. It must have once been sitting in a neatly ponytail on top of her head, but now at least half of it either draped down, brushing her flushed cheek's or just trailed behind her tiny, bare ears. 

“How long have you been up?” I asked, confusingly settling up against the dark, cold stonewall while trying not to freak out.

“I couldn’t sleep,” she looked away with a grim look in her eyes. “I kept thinking about how we are never going to see each-other again,” she looked back at me.

“I’m going to miss you so much.” 

I embraced her in a nervous, shaking hug, while muttering, “I’m going to miss you too.” And I was. So much. In the sixteen years we’d known each-other, we’d never been apart for more than days at the time. And now we were probably saying goodbye for good.

“I just keep thinking about why your vaster is picking you up at this time.” Denise said into my shoulder.

“Hey,” I started in a soft voice while releasing her. I hoped my face didn't expose my fear. I had to stay strong, or she would just lose it completely.  

“You don’t have to worry about me.” I had thought of our earlier conversation a lot and I didn’t want her to worry about me. I would do anything for her to just let it go and move on with her life. She would be happier that way.

“I’m going to be okay.” I flashed her a forced smile, I didn’t believe I was going to be okay. In an hour or so, she wouldn’t either: By that time she would find out that I had escaped. Or in the worst case scenario; that I’d been killed because of my attempt. 

“I hope so,” she'd stopped sobbing and looked a little calmer. 

“Promise me one thing,” I added, “You have to be strong now okay?” 

Before she could answer a strong voice filled the cell, ”Elisabeth Morrison?”

I raised my gaze from Denise to the guard who’d approached without us noticing it, hating the sound of the last name the vampires had given me, short after they'd taken me away from my mother 15 years ago.

I didn't know my real last name, but I knew it would be better than a fake one.

My mother had been a hulave too, obviously and she’d taken care of Denise and I, until I turned one. When I did, the vampires’d come to take us. 

My mother had loved us too much to let us go, so she’d tried to fight them. 

That didn’t end well: After fighting a fair fight against the vampires--she managed to harm one of them quite bad--they out numbered her and killed her. 

Gape told us once, that he had helped them kill her and had as a reward, been promised her babies: Denise and I. 

As I’ve already explained: Denise and I weren’t biological sisters, but a couple of days after I was born, my mother had been given Denise. Some little boy had turned up by her vaster's house doing the day and had said that if she couldn’t take care of her, Denise would die. Really weird. But since then my mother had taken care of Denise as if she had been my biological sister. 

I’d heard many things about my mother, but one thing everyone kept telling me, was that I looked at lot like her. I even once meet a hulave at the small marked, where you could buy the weirdest things, who claimed he’d known her since they both had been twelve. 

He’d told me a lot about her and how she had been the love of his life. Sometimes I’d wondered if he could have been my father, but when I’d asked him, he told me that she’d loved someone else. Someone nobody knew.

“Yeah?” I replied.

“It’s time.” 

I squeezed Denise’s hand and rose to my feet.

As I approached the rusty cell-door, I studied the guard. He was tall, slim, lean, had a smile that could make any girl faint and curly, soft-looking, black hair, but the thing that caught my attention was his light, emerald-green eyes. 

The kea-words were light, emerald-green. No vampire had light colored eyes. He had to be a vacessor. But how? I’d never meet a guard who’d been a vacessor. If I didn’t remember completely wrong, vacessor’s weren’t allowed to be guards, because of their still strong lingering humanity. 

He studied me with those eyes and I could clearly tell by the look of them, that he found me attractive. Not that he was the first one: As my mother, I had always had quiet some admirers and most of them’d never been holding back with the compliments. When I thought about how big the possibility of being dead the next day was for the hulaves, I could actually understand why, despite the way it had always gone on my nerves. 

It had been flattering at first, but as I got older, the comments had gotten more vulgar. 

It first began to annoy me at the age of thirteen. Back then, a boy named Morris, started commenting my starting curves. I hated it. It was, for a matter of fact, back then, I started hating my last name, because it was Morrison. 

The guard smirked, trying to hide his feelings: Although he thought I was attractive, he surely didn’t think I was worthy of his appreciation.

"So, you are the one who's causing so much trouble. I can see why." He said with a mocking tone to his harmonic voice. 

He reminded me of when I'd first met Keith: not that he had been mocking me, but there was something in the guard's eyes that told me that he couldn’t completely stop admiring me: he almost seemed numb behind that sarcastic voice of his.

I tsked and passed him. 

He got a firm hold of my left arm and lay my wrists in cuffs. "Just a formality," he teased, as he closed the door to the cell behind us.

I got a last glance back at Denise and had to retain a sob. No way that I was going to lose face in front of Mr. sarcastic-admirer. He would surely come up with some dumb comment. 

She waved while removing a tear from her chin with the back of her left hand. God, I wished I could stay.

I also cast a last glance on the sisters. The thin Taiah lay fast asleep, trying to get some warmth from the cold, gray stone-wall her bed was placed up against while her pale face was filled with short raven hair. A shaking hand tried to arch, to remove the hair, but she didn't have enough strength to do it, so it just fell back onto the dirty madras, where it continued to tremble, like the rest of her bony body. And Tessa lay in the bed, only a yard away from Taiah's, itching a dry spot on her fair arm. Her flushed lips were slightly parted and I thought that if you listened, you could hear a hollow breathing. 

I had to admit to myself, that I was going to miss those two, as well. They had their suspicions about me, because I was in love with a vampire, but they had never treated me, or Denise for that matter, badly. They were good people.


The guard and I walked down the cold, dim hallway, which  contained many other hulave-cells. My heart sank to the bottom of my stomach when my eyes went over all those other sleeping hulaves, who were trapped in here. I wished for them to break free. I wished to safe them. But I had little chance to escape myself, so how in the world could I free them too?

"What a waste." Said the guard, more to himself than me, with a haunted look on his face. He clearly still had some humanity left. It almost looked like he felt bad for them.

I decided to use that in advantage in my developing desire to break him: "Yeah. You surely have a brother who lives like this.” I thought about it and added. “or who’s dead." I said with a voice more shooting directed to a child while putting on a big affectionate smile. "You surely wish you could have saved him, don't you?" 

He ate it up. He didn't show it, but I knew he did. "That's non of your concern." He said voice shaking and with a distend look in his eyes. "And it's sister. Not brother."

Bingo. I'd hit him right where it hurt the most.

"Oh. What a shame." I had to concentrate on keeping my voice from sounding bitter. 

"What about your mother? Is she a hulave too?" 

"She's the one who turned me. Not that it's any of your business." He almost whispered the last part and just kept gazing out in thin air. When he had referred to his mother, his voice had sounded agonized and angry, like if he had been referring to an enemy.  

I grabbed an end of my hair, because In that moment it hit me; He didn't want to be a vacessor. Let alone a vampire. He'd been turned against his will. I could see it in his eyes, just like I'd seen his attraction to me. 

"Where is your sister now?" I now asked with real curiosity.

He didn't bother playing tough guard any longer. "She's--" he sighted. "She's dead." Oh. "How?" I asked.

"She starved to death. Just like most hulaves do." His voice was filled with sorrow and smart people would have stopped asking more questions and just left the poor guy alone. Unfortunately I wasn't one of them. 

"Is that why your mother turned you? So you wouldn't suffer the same destiny?" 

He just tilted his head, causing a lock of silky hair to fall down before his eyes, making him look even more miserable.   

I looked back at the hulaves in the cells, imagining his sister in the end. In my head I imagined a young beautiful hulave-girl, as thin as Taiah, laying fragilely in a cold rigid bed,  and the guard kneeling by the side of the bed, muttering comforting words about the afterlife. I pictured her dark hair being soaked in sweat and her hands trembling while her emerald eyes gazed at the guard, in an intense, frightened way. I also imagined how he must have cried, head on her stomach, after she had passed away. I imagined him telling their mother, where she afterwords forced him to drink her blood and then killed him.

 She must have been a good person, his sister, as far as I could tell by the look on the guard's face. I lay a hand on his shoulder, as I did when Denise was upset. Which only resulted in him jerking away in disbelief. I decided to give reason for the touch. 

"I'm just sorry for what happened to your sister, erm?" I looked questioning at him, when I realized I didn't know his name.

He shrugged, "Nathaniel." 

Our eyes locked and I could clearly tell that he felt uncomfortable discussing this with a hulave. But he also looked pure an relieved, compared to what he'd looked like when he'd picked me up at the cell: His emerald green eyes looked so honest and vulnerable on his pale face, framed by his curly hair. His before so big and dashing smile, had transformed into a tight line and his ironic attitude was gone too. 

I felt bad for him, I realized. Not only because of his sister, but also because he’d been turned into this monster against his will.


By the end of the hallway, we reached a big, heavy, metal set of double doors. They led into an another big hallway, just with dark metal doors on either side, instead of metal cell-bars. 

I didn't know what was behind those doors and I wasn't sure I wanted to find out. 

Once, I'd heard rumors about hulaves who fought the vampires, you know, rebellions. Maybe they were the ones who were behind the doors? Or maybe, it was vampires who'd been turned against their own free will, just like Nathaniel and so they'd tried to kill the ones who'd turned them. I didn't know. I just knew that the ones behind those doors, couldn't be harmless.

The floor under my naked feet seemed to get even colder, when I thought about it.

After walking around 200 yards in silence, we stopped outside one of the metal doors. I looked up at Nathaniel.

"Wh... Why are we stopping here?" I almost couldn't get the words out. Why were we stopping outside one of these doors? Surely they didn't just transfer me to another, more secure cell, did they? If so, it would be even harder to escape. And why would they d such a thing? I hadn't done anything wrong.

"We are here to have a chat with Hegel. It's just another formality. He's the one in charge here.” He gave me an almost comforting smile. So much for the tough guard-attitude.

"Ms. Morrison?" it came from a firm, but melodic voice behind me. 

I turned around to look into an ancient looking vampire's dark-mud colored eyes. He looked strange; the only things on his surface that weren’t completely filled with wrinkles, were the eyes I was gazing into. He must have been at least 900 years old. 

Vampires are not immortal, they just age very, very slowly, just like the elves. They just need to drink human blood instead of wearing a magic amulet. I think ten human years are the same as one vampire, or eleven when they have on their amulet, aging year. 

So, I thought, he's one of the vampires who helped invading the Earth. Bastard. He must have been, since the Earth was invaded in 2051.

"Take a seat." Said Hegel, gesturing toward a dark mahogany-desk, placed in the room which gaping door he stood in front of, with one chair on either side. I wondered were Nathaniel would be seating. 

While entering the room, I discovered the lack of windows. In fact, there were none. Odd. I'd thought it was only in the cells, but apparently the vampires running the hulave-center just didn't like windows. 

I studied the rest of the room. The wall's were painted with a dark, brownish, gray color, which almost looked black. The floors were made of dark marble. And the only furniture were the desk and a bookcase, filled with books. What kind of books would someone like him own? Titles like HOW TO MAKE UNEATABLE FOOD and THE PERKS OF BEING SURROUNDED BY SUFFERING, INNOCENT HUMANS ran through my mind. 

The only thing to lit this dark-as-hell room up, was a small dangling lamp, with the size of a mug. It cast a cold light to the already freezing room and I had to use a lot of energy not to tremble.   

I sat down in the chair closest to the door while Hegel sat down in the other one. Nathaniel just stood close to the door and studied us with a puzzled look. Or maybe just me. I didn't think he'd gotten over the fact, that I had asked so many questions about his personal life.

"So, ms. Morrison," began Hegel, settling his polyester-clad bud down into the big, black leather-armchair of his. Mine was just a small, stool-like chair, without any back on it. 

"I can understand, your former vaster, erm?" He looked at Nathaniel. 

"Gape, sir." Nathaniel hurried to add. 

"Your former vaster Gape, was murdered by your 'friend,' erm?" 

If the wrinkles hadn't made you guess Hegel's age, his memory would. 

"Keith." Answered Nathaniel once again.

"Keith. He was killed by your 'friend' Keith. Is that correct?" Asked Hegel.

The vampires had found out that Keith and I were in love, when they'd seen the video tapes from that day. All vampires had video cameras in their houses for security reasons, so they'd instantly known who had been responsible of the murder too.

"Yes," I confirmed. 

Hegel looked satisfied. "And now he's missing. Right?" 

I nodded, biting back a snarky commentary about how his memory was missing. 

"So he is." He said with a wondering voice and then added, "Ms. Morrison, I have a confession. You are not going to get a new vaster." 

Oh shit. They were going to install me in one of the metal doored cells. 

"I have a task for you," he continued, "we take a murder of one of our own very seriously. We can't have a murderer on the loose." 

I didn't get were he was going with this. Was he making fun of me? No. He looked very serious. 

"Ms. Morrison, I want you to find him."

Nausea filled my stomach. "What?" I stared at him wide eyed. 

"I.. I can't. I don't know were he is." That was a lie, but he didn't know that.

"Oh, He'll find you," a sly look turned up on his face. "We'll say you escaped. And when he get the word that your out there, alone, he'll start looking for you. I'm certain of it." 

"Why would I do that?" I got a weird feeling about this. "Why would I betray him like that?"

Hegel got a light smirk on his face. "You'll be rewarded," he paused. "If you lead him to us, we'll set you free." 

I gaped. Was he lying? He must have been. Sure they wouldn't just let me go. And no matter what, I wouldn't just bail on Keith, the only man I'd ever loved, would I? And where would I even go if they sat me free?

I swallowed the beginning lump in my trout. "What if I decline?"

Hegel's before so pleased face turned a bit angry and impatient. 

"Then," He looked in the direction of Nathaniel. "Then we have other methods my dear. I'm just trying to be a little generous." 

I hadn't noticed his Irish accent before the word dear. 

As far as I had been told, the vampires' invasion had started in Ireland. Maybe he’d been more involved in the invasion than I’d thought at first.

Hegel looked back at me, after serial of minutes of just holding his gaze on Nathaniel. His mouth curled into a smile again. 

"Have you made your decision?" 

Did I have any choice? If I refused, he would just force me to do it and afterwards he would just make me a hulave again. No. I didn't really have a choice. 

"I'll do it." I said locking my gaze with his.

His muddy eyes looked amused, as he looked back at Nathaniel.

"Smart girl." He rose to his feet. "Nathaniel, you know what to do."

Nathaniel nodded and gestured for me to follow him.


As Nathaniel and I entered a small, dark, jam-packed depot, filled with a lot of random things and he picked up a few supplies, I could use on my journey, such as water, fire-lighters and a fresh shirt--very fancy for a slave on the run, I thought--he asked: 

"You don't have any idea of where he could be?" I shook my head. He looked a bit impatient as he sighted. "You know I'm coming with you right? So there is no point in lying to me now." 

I didn't answer and looked at him in disbelief. How in the world would I find Keith with a vacessor on tow? And hadn't Hegel said that they would spread the word about me escaping alone? 

"You didn't expect us to just let you go alone, did you?" he looked oddly amused by this situation. Just like Hegel had looked when he'd sent us off. Why did vampires--or vacessors--think capturing someone was funny?

“Okay,” I admitted after a while. “Maybe I have an idea of where he is.”

“And where would that be?” he asked, not looking utterly surprised. 

“Why should I tell you?” 

Nathaniel took a threatening step closer to me, with all amusement gone from his face. He’d stepped into the tough-guard role again, I realized.

He opened his mouth to answer, but I cut him off, “If I did, you would just send me back to my cell and go after him yourself.” 

I slowly raised my left hand to touch my right collarbone, which I always did when I got nervous.

The amused grin returned to Nathaniel’s face. 

“You’re not so stupid after all, are you?” then he hurried to add, “For a hulave, that is.” I calmed down again. For a moment I had feared, that they would just torture me until I gave them the information they sought.

“Very well,” He sighted. “Let’s go.”

He looked at me as if I should take the lead. 

“Where are we going now?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” He shrugged. “You tell me. I don’t know where Keith is, do I?”

Oh yeah, I’d forgot about that. I was the only one who knew where Keith was. 

“First,” I looked daring up into Nathaniel’s emerald eyes. “You have to show me the way out of here.”

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