Peasant Queen

I began to write this story 2 years ago, so sorry for any spelling mistakes.

Its a mystery, so read to find out!


5. Snooping


Mwahahha this could be fun !


"Jared,' I purred huskily 'Do you know how sexy you look right now?" Bearing in mind I whispered this near his ear, but the others could hear me any way. If he thinks he's going to get away with getting me wet then he can get eaten by spuds.

Jared set me down with his jaw hanging low, but his grip was still as tight... all the boys were snickering holding in their laughs as though they knew my game, but hell I didn't know where this was going! Ethan was standing the furthest away leaning against the tree with a frown on his face as though he was in deep thought. ... hmmm I wonder.

"Y-y-you think i'm sexy?!?!" Bless poor Jared and his sweetness...

"Of course,' My finger lightly following the outlines of his lips, as I could hear his heart beat picking up and the red tint appear slowly on his cheeks. 'Why so doubtful Jakey?" I questioned with wide eyes my mouth parted in an O shape giving him the innocent look. His grip slackened but only a bit..

My lips lightly touched his onc, closing my eyes as I did, when I pulled back I studyed his reaction his eyes were still closed so I went back for more until he got used to it and we were full on making out. My eyes were open while his were closed.

However what Jared didn't know was the fact that because I was in control I had turned the advantage to me by backing him up towards the edge of the river, my eyes travelled to the right were all the boys were slack mouthed... and I turned to the left to see Ethan with a worried and nervous glance on his face, he was shifting weight from his left to right foot... weird...

Rolling my eyes I carried on teasing Jared until his lips were no longer on mine and I was in hysterics rolling on the ground at the edge of the bank being looked down on by a pouting Jared...

"Not Fair Shay!" He whined in a 5 year olds voice.

"ooo... i ..... know... haha..... it ..... was .....hilarious... haha" the boys were on the floor hysterically laughing now as well. I couldn't stop laughing especially when Jared scowled at the boys and they started into a playful fight! Time passed I was watching the guys splash each other in the water but noticed Ethan was there, I looked towards were he last was and saw his retreating back in the forest ... glancing behind him to see if anyone or thing was looking no noticing me as a suspect..

Hmm... I wonder...

Getting up I decided to do a little snooping for myself ... call it peace of mind if you want …

So that’s what I did I followed Ethan into the woods... dodging his nervous and cautious glances back.

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