Peasant Queen

I began to write this story 2 years ago, so sorry for any spelling mistakes.

Its a mystery, so read to find out!


2. Questions


My eyes opened slightly, I could faintly see something bright shining through the window. It must be morning. I heard faint voices, but I could feel their breath so they must be close. How did I get here, where am I? What had happened?!? Someone was leaning over me pushing back my hair; I think I'm in my room. Voices, all of a sudden I have a desire to gasp for air. Everything went quite, someone was holding my face up and water was trickling down my throat easing its burning sensation. Then I drifted back into a sleep. When I next woke up there was no one around, so I got up slowly and steadily walked to the window. As I looked out I realized that there weren't a lot of people about, I walked around nothing looked any different from what it used to be before.... before well I don't know. I opened my front door and I noticed Mrs Glade talking to Todd, Wesley, Gren and Jared with a very serious expression. I could just hear what she was saying "Now she may say she feels better when she wakes up, but there's no doubt that she'll actually be better. So you have to be careful around her. Do I make myself clear?" The boys all nodded and looked as though they had been given news that someone had died. Then she turned and looked at me, the boys followed her gaze "Shay what are you doing out of bed?" I couldn't find my voice, but my mouth was open ready to say something all I managed was "I...I" Mrs Glade hurried towards me and grabbed my arm and pulled me into a great big bear hug. Todd was staring at me with vast round eyes and Jared was standing gawping at me, Gren was trying to say something although nothing was being said. Mrs Glade had let go of me and Wesley was the first to step forward "Hi Shay, how you feeling?" his voice was soft but shaky. "I... I'm fine and that's the truth." Wesley smiled, but it wasn't his usual wide, cheeky grin. At that point he picked me up in a big bear hug and spun me round, whilst saying "We're glad you're better." As soon as I caught Mrs Glades eye Wesley must have spotted her expression to because he put me gently back on my feet and stepped back with his hands in the air. At that moment there was a great gush of wind which flowed over me like I was its master, obeying at my every demand. I turned around facing the forest were the wind was shaking the trees. I stepped forward and started walking, but I gradually got faster. I heard people shouting, but I was hardly listening.




They might not know what I was doing, but I was certainly sure that the wind and leaves wanted me to follow them. At that moment someone grabbed my arm and pulled me around "Shay, where are you going?" It was Todd, what could I say I'm following the wind he will think I am still ill. Although he was holding on to me tightly I tried to turn my head so I could still feel the wind, he gently took hold of my chin and pulled it around so that I was facing him. Staring into his golden brown eyes. "Can you hear that? Listen, let's follow it" I pulled at his arm, trying to get mine free and pull him along but he wouldn't budge. "Shay, no you have to go back to rest. You're not as strong as you were before." How could he say that? It was as though he was treating me as an invalid "NO I won't, I'm fine. If you don't want to come I'll go by myself and there's no way you are going to stop me." I was yelling it before I'd thought about what I said, but he was still holding my arm. "Shay you're not strong enough and if you don't listen to me I'll have to take you back by force." At that moment I decided I would have to run for it if I was going to follow this strange sensation, or whatever it is that wanted me to follow. So I pulled with all my strength until my arm was free and ran through the trees looking behind me every few seconds, sure enough Todd was running after me with Jared, Gren and Wesley hot on his heels. Why were they so worried?



The trees passed in a blurr and I was listening to the wind when the trees parted, I stopped just before the cliff edge and looked over. The boys were all shouting for me, I closed my eyes and stepped onto the tree trunk that was imitating a bridge across the ravine from one side to another. I was only 4 steps across when my head felt like it was being pelted with rocks, I swayed on the spot trying to keep my balance. I fell forwards, my head hit the trunk with a loud thud and I somehow managed to hang on. I began to scream for help but nothing was coming out of my mouth, I wondered what it would feel like to die, what was I thinking. Why didn't I listen to Todd? How will I survive? Will I ever see Mr and Mrs Glade again? All of these questions were swimming round and round in my head; I didn't stop to notice that someone had grabbed my arm although I hadn't been calling for help. But this man, if you can call him that he looks like a boy, with strong built hands and brown wavy hair and big blue eyes he could merely be 19. But who is this man? Why is he helping me? Where does he come from? I feel as though maybe there is something inside him that can help me. Help me with what though? My families past? Or maybe my......





Next thing I knew, Todd was looking down on me. His mouth was moving,

but there was no sound. Jared, Gren and Wesley were pacing backwards and forwards and my head was in some ones lap. They were forcing me to drink out of their hands. I started coughing it was more like choking, I turned to the side and the water spurted out of my mouth, "Don't worry she'll be fine. She's very weak and thin, but she's strong. She's a fighter." This was a new voice, one I've never heard before, almost smooth but with a rough edge, comforting but frightening. I turned back onto my back and looked at Todd "T-Todd, I'm sorry. I should've listened to you." I paused taking in a deep breath and coughed so hard it felt as though something was clawing at my throat. "Shay it's ok. We're going to take you back now, so you can rest. OK?" Todd replied in a soft thoughtful tone although I knew that when I get better I will end up doing him a favour for all the trouble I've caused him and his family. "Wesley is going to carry you back; I'll be right next to you." I soon decided that I didn't want to be carried around like I was an incapable child. So I replied in what I thought was a very strong, bold voice, but came out as a whisper "No I'm feeling a bit better, Could I walk please?" As though I had just said something rather strange the boys all looked at each other. They seemed to be having a private conversation, but luckily I got my way and without a fight! "Fine, but we will walk along side you OK?" I nodded back to Todd and he and the strange man helped me up. My knees were a bit shaky but I soon managed to steady myself, as we walked through the dense forest I realized that the strange man's name was Erik and that he had come quite far from his homeland. Just as I was beginning to see the opening of the trees and the village road was in sight, I saw an old man staring down the road at what looked like another man with a sword. We came to the edge of the forest and were only a few feet from the man. I realized what was happening so I ran as fast as I could towards the man and just as he was swinging at the old man, I screamed and ran in front of him. The man stopped swinging and the sword was still, as the wind moved over it, in mid air. I would have called him one of the kings men although a very nice one. As I was admiring how much the man's armour was shining, I didn't feel my legs buckle underneath me. The boys and Erik were running towards me and the man with the sword caught me as I fell, my head was on his chest. By the time Todd, Jared, Gren, Wesley and Erik all reached me; I was telling them that I was ok and started to get back on my feet when the man in the armour picked me up in his arms and handed me to Erik. Erik took me from him, but didn't move as we watched the man ride away. I started struggling in Erik's arms telling him to put me down as he did I dropped down next to the old man who was crying and praying on the dirt road. We helped him back to the village and then as we got to the doctors hut I carried on walking.



I don't know why, but I felt as though I had to be alone. My mind was replaying all the things that had happened in the past couple of days. I was now standing by the river, I saw my reflection, yet it wasn't what I expected it to be. Looking back at me was a pale white, stick thin girl. That was ME! I decided to wash my face so I stepped into the cold water and waded to the middle where it came up to my knee. I cupped my hands and chucked the water over my face and I started scrubbing. I felt better, but I felt as though I was missing something. I don't know what, but it made me feel uneasy and really scared. A sudden thought passed over me.


Was my past going to come back and haunt me? Or is my future out to get me?



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