Peasant Queen

I began to write this story 2 years ago, so sorry for any spelling mistakes.

Its a mystery, so read to find out!


4. Laughter

Recap: " A little bit of fun, I'll show you fun ! " Jared said ....

.... Oh no this could not be good. !




He was walking towards me with a huge smirk spread across his face crap I was so in for it now. Before I realized what was happening Jared slung me over his shoulder and started to run towards the door. He was the second faster out off all the boys.

I was pelting his back with weak punches, but he never seemed to notice. God knows what he's going to do ! He turned the corner and I saw the glistening blue river flowing in front of me .

"NOO, don't you dare Jared ! " I screamed in his ear.

"Oh and why do you think I wouldn't, what you got to offer me ? " He replied with a very sexy yet intimidating smirk tugging at the corners of his mouth. Damn he looked hot right now !

Snap out of it, he's like an older brother, you incompetent little girl !

Ahh what is wrong with me, I'm arguing with my conscious over a boy ! Jeez it's like the 14th Century !

I decided to play a little game with Jared.... Hehe no one knows what I'm capable off !



Erik's P.o.V


Jared had slung her over his shoulder and raced out of the room.

Sighing I turn to follow the others out of the door. When will she learn this isn't a game.

'Your only worried about her coz she's your sister.'

'God would you shut up you stupid conscience ! '

' No because she doesn't know the truth behind her life or the death of your parents and I think you should also tell her she has to marry the Prince of Lay-den! '

'Yeah yeah I will ! '

I snapped back into reality and saw Shay struggling in Jared's tight grip whilst looking at him. I watched intently wondering what my little sister would do.

"NOO, don't you dare Jared ! " She screamed in his ear.

"Oh and why do you think I wouldn't, what you got to offer me ? " A smirk tugged at his mouth and his arrogant side started to show.

Whilst thinking I would punch his lights out if he forced her into anything without her permission .. I almost didn't see the sexy smile my sister had placed on her face. Almost as if she intended to get revenge by teasing / playing with him !

Oh this should be fun !




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