Peasant Queen

I began to write this story 2 years ago, so sorry for any spelling mistakes.

Its a mystery, so read to find out!


3. Fun


I slowly and unwillingly walked back towards the village. As I rounded the corner that would have taken me straight to my little hut, I caught something moving out the corner of my eye. It was a slow, but swift movement and this creature was acting as though it didn't want to be seen or heard. I took a step forward towards the forest, the damp floor reshaping under my feet. The trees rustled and the birds flew out in one big gust, my eyes only for a second diverted towards the sky. When my gaze returned to the thick lining of trees there was no sound, nothing to be seen and no unimaginable creature there. My mind must be playing tricks on me; I turned around and carried on walking.

I reached the village within minutes, and saw all 5 boys standing outside my hut, glaring at me. I took no notice and walked straight past them without a backwards glance. My hand touched the handle on the door of my hut, and as I tried to pull it open someone's hand flew in front of my face and stopped me from opening the door. I just stood rooted on the spot for a couple of seconds before placing my forehead against the cold wooden door. I could hear Jared whispering behind me, I wasn't really paying attention until a smooth familiar sexy yet tough voice awakened me from my daydream.


"Shay, where did you go?" I knew it was Erik and I didn't want to tell him. I mean I've only known him for what 2 hours and yet he's here, protecting me like an older brother.

"Nowhere, really. I just want to go to sleep, I'm really tired. "I was still leaning against the door and I felt really strong all of a sudden, like lightening had just struck me and my body responded. It was a powerful body boost, nothing I've ever seen or felt before could compare to this. As soon as it had appeared it went so I turned around to see if anyone else had experienced the same shock that I felt, but everyone was staring at me in awe.


"Fine, we'll see you in the morning." With that he moved his hand swiftly, yet rather hesitantly off of the door. I turned the knob and pushed hard to enter my room, the one place I felt completely alone, yet safe. I lay down on the bed and fell asleep. I woke up to a cool breeze flowing around me; I slowly opened my eyes to see Jared asleep in the chair in the corner of my room. These boys are so protective. I felt a lot better and decided to have some fun so I ran outside and grabbed the pail of water that Mrs Glade left there every morning; I picked it up with a bit of difficulty but managed in the end. An image of Jared soaked and shocked popped into my mind, and that came true. As I poured the cold pail of water over him, he shot up and yelled

"What the hell?" He looked around and his eyes set on me, I was hunched over laughing so loudly that Todd, Erik, Gren and Wesley all burst in. They all glared at me, but Jared had a wide grin spread on his face and I knew it couldn't be good, but I just couldn't stop laughing. As I straightened myself, a dark figure stood in front of me, and who it must be. The one and only Erik.


"Why did you do that Shay? We thought something had happened to you!" His expression was so serious that it made me want to laugh.

"Oh, lighten up Erik. You know it was funny. It was just a bit of fun." I replied loudly with laughter threatening to come out. I couldn't hold it in anymore and I ended up kneeling on the floor in fits of laughter.


"A little bit of fun," Jared said he sounded as though he was asking a question, but it was a statement. "A little bit of fun, I'll show you fun!" He started walking slowly towards me with his arms ready to grab me.

Oh no this could not be good.




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