Peasant Queen

I began to write this story 2 years ago, so sorry for any spelling mistakes.

Its a mystery, so read to find out!


1. Destiny



The trees are flashing by around me; my hair is hitting me in the face. The force of the wind is going against me. All odds are against me. Why me, surely I can't be the one their looking for. What have I done wrong? By my father before me and his father and so on, they all had the same fate, but me. I'm a girl they all say. "She's a girl what good can she do" and "There's no way she can help us" and " Look at her she isn't strong enough to fight or brave enough to kill, she's what only 11". How rude I'm actually 14 and before you say anything about what's wrong with me and why I won't succeed in the quest ahead of me. I am thinking that they may be right; after all I was only told that I was the chosen one and I was the who was to defeat the Evil Lord Of Darkness (I call him that because I don't know his actual name yet) just under a few weeks ago. Out of the blue. Well maybe the villagers were right, I had to leave behind my family, my friends. Well truth be known I don't have any family they were all killed in a fire and none of the other girls in the village like me so I just went hunting with the boys and helped the men building houses and other stuff that men do. The only friends that I had are men or boys. Todd has been my mate since I can remember he's 17 and he's like an older brother to me, he's known me since I was born and he says he remembers the fire that burnt down our house and how I was lucky to survive. Apparently when I was younger I was really annoying and none of the boys liked me, but know according to Todd I have changed and all of his mates want to be my boyfriend. He didn't believe me when I said I fancied none of them, but of course he wouldn't he has 3 older sisters all married now and he told me that when he asked them who they fancied they wouldn't tell him, but he could tell when they were flirting with the older boys. Anyway I think I should start from the beginning of my treacherous adventure. So here goes.









3 Months Earlier

"Morning Mrs Glade, How are you?" Mrs Glade is the woman who lives next door to my little hut, most of the girls laugh because they live in big huts with their families, but mines just the right size for me and only me. "Hello Shay, I'm fine thank you. What about yourself?" Mrs Glade is always nice to me, I suppose you could say she is my guardian. She watches out for me, "I'm good thanks, I'll see you later," I paused then remembered that I had told Todd I needed to tell him something " I don't suppose you know where Todd is, do you? " Mrs Glade looked quizzical at me and then laughed "Shay he's my son, I always know where he is. He's down by the stream with the boys, fishing I think" I laughed back "Ok thanks Mrs Glade." I waved goodbye to her and ran along the path towards the stream as I ran I thought of something, what was it that I had to tell Todd. I slowed down as I got to the end of the road and stopped. I could hear the boys laughing, they must be joking about something, I wonder if I could surprise them. I ran off towards the stream and there they were, in their shorts with a bare chest. Something I see every day when I'm with them, I ran up behind Todd and jumped onto his back and covered his eyes. "Guess Who" Todd laughed and signalled to the other boys Jared; Wesley and Gren. They all came closer and surrounded me and Todd, at that moment I let go of Todd and realised what they were going to do. There was no escape, I was trapped. "Oh come on, four against one isn't that a bit unfair?" Jared laughed " Not really, I think it's payback time Shay." Wesley and Gren had a huge wide grin on their faces, I turned to Todd, he also had a grin on his face. "Hmm ok, but you've got to catch me first" They all turned to one another with confused faces, and from a source I knew that Gren really liked me so I ran up to him and kissed him on the cheek, he went all red and couldn't believe what I had done so I ran back up the hill and shouted "Looks like four against one isn't so hard after all" I started to laugh, and without realizing they were running towards me, dragging Gren behind. I ran back down the road towards the huts, they all knew I was quite slow at running but just recently I had got better. I was laughing and I could hear them coming up behind me. Jared was saying "Come on Gren, it was only a kiss on the cheek wait till it's on the lips and then you can blush and day dream." Todd was catching up to me, all the girls came out to see what was going on and they were all annoyed that once again I had the boys attention. I reached the hut and stopped running after all there was nowhere else to run. Todd came up behind me and said "Wow you've got better" following him came Wesley, Jared and then Gren. Mrs Glade came out at that point to see what all the laughing was about; she invited us for lunch so we all went and sat down. We had roast turkey and potatoes with some vegetables, all the boys and Mrs Glade had beer while I had water, just then Mr Glade came up behind me and said "Shay I think you are old enough to try some beer" he laughed and so did Mrs Glade. Jared looked at me and then at Mr Glade and smiled "She probably won't be able to handle it." The boys started laughing. I took the cup from Mr Glades hand and replied "Jared how much do you want to bet?" at that moment Jared stopped laughing and said "Alright your on how about if you don't down it in one you have to let us throw you into the stream, but if you do then I'll teach you how to make a sword. Deal?" Everyone looked at Jared and then at me to see if I would accept. Of course I would except I mean, how many times have I tried to persuade Todd to help me make a sword but like usual the answer was always no. So what did I have to loose, I mean either way someday they were going to get payback might as well get it over and done with. So without a doubt I replied "Deal!" Mrs Glade laughed and said "You can do it shay". In that second I put the cup to my mouth and downed it, when I had finished I put the cup down and smiled, all the boys especially Jared were gob-smacked. After they had all got over it, we walked back down to the stream I got a piggy back off of Wesley. As we got to the top of the stream I jumped off and ran down to the bottom and knelt beside the river, the boys went back to fishing. It seemed like hours had passed, all I thought about was what my mother looked like, why they died, why I survived and they didn't. Without noticing they had all finished fishing and came and sat beside me, Todd said "Shay are you ok? Your never this quite, you haven't spoken for hours." Wesley, Gren and Jared were washing in the stream and all looked up when Todd said for a second time "Shay what's wrong?" Todd got up and sat in front of me, "Shay" he grabbed my shoulders and shook me, at that moment I was remembering someone screaming and someone grabbing me, I saw a woman standing, looking at me. She was saying something; her lips were moving, but I couldn't make out what she was saying, at that moment I reached out trying to grab her, trying to hold her in my arms. "MUM, MUM NO---- MUM!" I felt tears running down my cheeks. Someone was shouting but it was a faint shout getting louder and louder, it was my name "SHAY, Shay can you hear me" I turned my head and suddenly it was like I was in a different world, I looked up to see Todd holding me in his arms, Jared was next to him and I couldn't see Wesley or Gren. We were still by the stream Jared walked to the stream and cupped his hands and put them to my mouth the water trickled down my face. I heard Todd's voice smooth, but worried "Shay can you hear me? Shay look at me" I felt that if I opened my mouth I would scream, my eyes were wide open, but I didn't understand what had happened. My head flopped back I felt as though I was about to faint, someone put their cool hand on my burning head. I guessed it would be Jared as Todd was holding me and my head up. I closed my eyes and there were voices people screaming and shouting, then without even thinking my mouth opened and I screamed. My eyes were tight shut I was lashing out and hitting something, but whatever it was, it held me tighter to its chest.



"Jared go get help," Todd shouted at Jared, Jared was watching me scream and hit his best mate... "JARED NOW!" Jared turned and ran up the hill. "Shay, Shay you're gunna be ok" He was stroking my head, pushing my hair back. As I stopped screaming, I saw a face, a man with a torch laughing. He said "With no family she will never learn her past or future. She will be a peasant for all eternity." His voice was harsh and evil, he laughed a wicked evil laugh. I blinked and he was gone, all I saw was Todd and the stream. "Todd, Todd," Todd looked at me and smiled "Shay, are you ok? What happened?" As he was talking I went through what had just happened in my head. "I...I just saw my house, my mother and the man." I gasped for air, I couldn't breathe I was crying, what's happening to me. "Todd I'm scared" At that point my eyes went black and I couldn't see anything. I knew Todd was still holding me, but we were moving.


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