The daily fail

When Lucy gets a job as a columnist she is overjoyed. But not for long, because soon things start to go wrong, really wrong...


1. My life is over!

"Your fired."

Those words rang in Lucy's ears as she ran home from work. Once she was home, she rushed past her mum up to her room where she jumped onto her bed and began to sob into her pillow. "What's wrong with Lucy?" Milo, Lucy's younger brother's voice floated upstairs. "I don't know, darling. Now eat your fruit while I go speak to Lucy."

Lucy pulled a pillow over her head as she heard her mum walking up the stairs. "What's wrong?"

"My life is awful!"

"No it isn't. You're just having a bad day." Lucy's mum leant across the bed and wrapped her arms around Lucy. Shrugging her off, Lucy glared at her mum before adding "I'm not 'just having a bad day', i'm having a bad life! I just got fired from my first job! and I can't afford private college which I need to get good grades, which I need to get a good job!" The words tumbled out of Lucy's mouth and soon she was crying hysterically onto her mum's shoulder. "Hush...'s ok, why don't we go out and get our nails done, to cheer you up."

Lucy smiled tearfully, her mum always knew how to make her happy.

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