Love Story

When Elisa Receives A Mysterious Letter She Just Wants To Find Out Who It Is But As She Does.She Ends Up Falling Deeply In Love With Him.


1. Suspicious Letters

Early morning on the 30th of May 2012 Elisa received this letter through her door.

Dear Elisa 

Even though I have never met you myself I feel like I have know you my whole life. Sorry i did not introduce myself ,I am Michel  I am 14 years old like you and I live in Savanula  . I would so love to meet you will you meet me at Bella Italia On the 4th of June please.

Love Michel xxxx

"Sally  who do you think this is from?" questioned Elisa as she passed the letter over to her friend

"I think you should go I mean seriously how bad can he be!" exclaimed Sally 

 "How bad can he be!!!! How bad can he be!! well for starters he knows everything about me if i'm going your coming with me!!"Instructed Elisa. Elisa Walks to the other side of the room and starts picking through clothes to find what to where for today.

"I know what i'll do i'll write him a letter back and then i'll find out how he knows me and what he knows about me I also will find out why he wants to date me and then i might not have to go I'll start it now so he can reply before the 4th of June!!!" Elisa Said Excitedly. Elisa sent her letter later that day it said,

Dear Michel

It is Elisa who are you and how do you know who I am.I am unable to attend on that date so I was wondering if you could reply before we have a date and I don't live in Savanula so i was wondering if we could meet somewhere in the middle like Slation as that is half hour from  your house and my house then so we shall meet there at say 6:30 on the 5th of June is that ok sir

Love Elisa xxxx

"There that should do should do it hey?" Elisa Sighed

"Yeah i suppose..." Sally Sighed

"What is wrong with it?"questioned Elisa

"Nothing its just that next time why don't you loosen off a little!!!" said Sally

"Who said there is going to be a next time!!!!!" exclaimed Elisa.

"Well would you want there to be a next time if you found out he was really nice would you then hey?" questioned Sally

"Oh sally for goodness sake for all you know he might have even sent it to the wrong address, and maybe but I don't trust this boy a letter comes through the door saying he knows me, and he has never met me how can that be. You need to stop fantasizing and help me find out who he is ok!!" Said Elisa 

The next day Elisa received another letter through the door.

Dear Elisa

You have met my brother and I am sure you will remember me, my brother used to be your best friend and from what I have have heard you seem like a really nice girl. About 5 years ago we had to move away to Savanula as my dad got a new job there I hope you remember me and yes I can meet then. Why don't you bring a friend and I'll bring my brother ok?


"Oh yeah I remember him well I remember his brother Robin " exclaimed Sally 

"Me to! Ok I will meet him but will you come with me." said Elisa happily 


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