Out to get you.

When a mystery murder accurs in the small village of Bandeville, what will happen? Will they ever find out who did this terrible deed. The life's lost and locked, all because of one person. Has this ruined this Bandeville forever?


4. The Police

The only people left were the man and woman. The woman still shook, supported by the man's tight grasp. They slowly walked up to one of the policemen. "wh-wh-wha" she stuttered. "excuse me ma'am?" he replied. The man coughed, the policeman turned to him. "My name is John, John Smith. And this is my wife Julie. And that's our daughter." the man said formally. They all turned to look at the body wrapped up, as the paramedics loaded the body onto the ambulance. Julie burst out in tears and collapsed in a heap on the floor. John held her shaking body while the policeman lead them to his car. They drove away into the early morning.

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